Everest Forms vs Fluent Forms: Which is the Best WordPress Form Plugin?

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Looking for the ideal form builder plugin for your WordPress website? If so, this Everest Forms vs Fluent Forms comparison guide is for you.

Comparatively, Everest Forms and Fluent Forms are recent additions to the ever-growing WordPress space for form builder plugins.

However, they’re quickly becoming two of the most sought-after plugins out there. 

With high numbers of active installations and outstanding customer reviews, their growth is quite justified as well.

So, which one’s the better? Please keep on reading to find out.

Overview: Everest Forms vs Fluent Forms

Before we jump into the Everest Forms vs Fluent Forms comparison, let’s learn a bit about these WordPress form builder plugins.

Everest Forms

Everest Forms is an all-purpose form builder plugin developed by WPEverest. It was launched back in 2018 and has more than 100k active installations.

Everest Forms Homepage

It’s easy to use and has a smooth user interface. It lets you build smart forms in a manner that’s simple, fast, and customization-friendly.

Apart from its smooth interface, Everest Forms’ standout feature is its drag-and-drop form builder. This makes the form-building process extremely efficient and code-free.

Some of the key traits that people love about Everest Forms are the intuitive form builder, robust form functionalities, advanced form automation, and fool-proof form security.

In terms of pricing, Everest Forms is a freemium WordPress plugin with a reasonable pricing structure. All in all, it’s one of the best WordPress form plugins.

Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms was developed by WPManageNinja LLC to provide an efficient way of building forms in WordPress. It’s a lightweight plugin that you can use to create forms in no time.

Fluent Forms Homepage

Fluent Forms is quite a popular WordPress plugin with more than 400k active installations. 

Some of the aspects Fluent Forms plugin excels in are its collection of form templates, input fields, multi-step form, migrator, and security options.

Apart from these, the plugin is integrated with all the features necessary for a dependable form builder plugin.

In terms of pricing, the plugin has a similar structure to Everest Forms with a multi-tiered pricing plan.

SpecificationsEverest FormsFluent Forms
WordPress version5.2 or higher4.5 or higher
PHP version7.2 or higher7.4 or higher
DevelopersWPEverestWPManageNinja LLC
Active installations100k+400k+

So, with that said, let’s jump into the detailed information and comparison between Everest Forms and Fluent Forms.


The first and foremost thing you look at while choosing a plugin is its features. So, let’s explore the major Everest Forms vs Fluent Forms features.

Everest Forms

This free WordPress form plugin has countless features that add to its usability. Some of it’s prominent features and add-ons are mentioned below:

  • Style Customizer: The intuitive Style Customizer lets you change the look of your form through advanced customization options.
  • AI Contact Form: This lets you integrate AI into your form for creating interactive chatbots, AI-generated notifications, emails, and more.
  • Email Notifications: You can send custom emails to users and admins after form submission.
  • File Uploads: Enable users to upload and attach files and documents while filling out your form.
  • Google Analytics: With Google Analytics support in Everest Forms, you can easily track data from form submissions.
  • Form Import and Export: Quickly import and export forms in the JSON file format.
  • Survey, Polls, and Quiz: As the name suggests, this lets you build surveys, polls, or interactive quizzes using your form builder.
  • Cloud Storage: Directly upload and store all your form submission data on various cloud storage services.
  • SMS Notifications: This feature allows you to configure your forms so that you’ll receive SMS notifications when someone fills out the form.
  • PayPal Standard Integration: With PayPal integration in Everest Forms, collecting payments, donations, and more is super simple and secure.
  • PDF form submission: Easily save and export form submissions in a PDF format for storing and sharing.
  • Multi-step Forms: Break down long forms into smaller ones so that users can fill them on a page-by-page basis.
  • Integration with Marketing Services: After form submission, automatically add users to mailing lists of your choice. Everest Forms supports integration with major services like Mailchimp, MailerLite, ConvertKit, and more.

Fluent Forms

Similarly, here are the highlight features users love in Fluent Forms.

  • Countless Input Fields: Fluent Forms has a collection of several input fields that you can drag and drop to create the ideal form.
  • Numeric Calculations: Integrate your form with a numeric field that can perform numeric calculations. 
  • Image and File Uploads: This enables users to upload and attach images and other document files to your form.
  • Conditional logic: Use the user’s input to hide, display, or create further steps inside the forms with conditional logic.
  • Address Auto-complete: Enable the auto-complete option to display related addresses while a user is filling out the address field.
  • Spam Protection: This section includes reCaptcha, Turnstile, hCaptcha, etc., to protect against bots and other spam submissions.
  • Export Entries: Allows you to export the form submissions as CSV, Excel, ODS, JSON, etc.
  • 1 click migration: Transfer your form from one site to another without losing your data.
  • Form Scheduling: Manage when you want to show a form or set an expiry date for a form.
  • Email Notifications: Sends you an instant email notification whenever someone submits a form.

Verdict: Both these form builders are exceptional in their genre. However, Everest Forms provides more helpful features like AI integration, cloud storage, and PayPal integration that are not available in Fluent Forms. So, Everest Forms is our winner. 

User Interface and Form Editor

Ease of use is an important factor when choosing the perfect form builder plugin for you. If your form editor has a great user interface, it exponentially increases its usability.

So, which plugin between Everest Forms and Fluent Forms has the better user interface?

Both these plugins have a drag-and-drop feature that you can use to quickly create the form you want.

It means that you can drag the features you want from one side of the screen and drop them inside the form editor on the other side.

After you’ve included all the feature fields, your form is almost ready. All that’s left is the customization part. 

The customization option is available on the right side of the form builder on Fluent Forms and on the left side of the Everest Forms form builder.

Everest Forms User Interface - Everest Forms vs Fluent Forms

To start customizing, click on a field you want and edit it through the customization section on the other side.

Fluent Forms User Interface - Everest Forms vs Fluent Forms

You can also choose the number of columns you want in your form. Fluent Forms allows six columns, and Everest Forms allows four columns.

Verdict: We can talk about minute differences between these plugins, but both are almost similar in terms of overall user interface. So, we’d have to say that it’s a tie among these plugins in terms of UI and form editor.

Pre-built Templates

Getting started with a new form builder can be difficult. That is why both Everest Forms and Fluent Forms have tons of pre-built templates available.

These templates have different form fields included in them depending on the type of form they are. 

Everest Forms

This WordPress plugin has 14 different ready-made form templates. 5 of them are available for free users, while the rest require a premium subscription.

Everest Forms Templates - Fluent Forms Alternatives

The following pre-built form templates are included in EVF.

  1. Simple Contact Form
  2. Advanced Contact Form (Premium)
  3. Leave Request Form
  4. Simple Support Form
  5. Medical Appointment Form
  6. Restaurant Table Booking Form
  7. Job Application Form (Premium)
  8. Product Survey Form (Premium)
  9. Donation Form (Premium)
  10. Simple Registration (Premium)
  11. Design Agency – Request a Quote (Premium)
  12. Ebook Form (Premium)
  13. Hotel Booking (Premium)
  14. Modeling Application Form (Premium)

Fluent Forms

It has more than fifty form templates grouped into eleven categories. These categories include both free-to-use and premium templates.

Fluent Forms Templates - Everest Forms vs Fluent Forms

The following pre-built form templates are included in Fluent Forms.


  • Simple Form
  • Conversational Form
  • Newsletter Form


  • Polling Form
  • Client Satisfaction Form
  • Market Research Survey Form


  • Product Survey Form (Premium)
  • Online Service Order Form
  • Order Bump Form (Premium)


  • Student Survey Form (Premium)
  • Class Observation Form (Premium)
  • Course Evaluation Survey Form (Premium)



  • Graphic Designer Contact Form
  • Multi-file Upload Form (Premium)
  • Software Survey Form (Premium)


  • Finance Form (Premium)
  • Book a Room Form (Premium)
  • Check Request Form

Fluent Forms has many more pre-built forms in its catalog.

Verdict: In the case of form templates, Fluent Forms has many more forms that you can instantly edit or use. So, it’s the winner in terms of pre-built templates.


Integrations make plugins work much more efficiently and add more functionality to the plugin. 

Both Everest Forms and Fluent Forms have several in-house add-ons that you can integrate with the plugin to add more features to the forms. These integrations are mentioned below:

IntegrationsEverest FormsFluent Forms
AI Contact Form

Verdict: Both Everest Forms and Fluent Forms have common integrations that provide necessary improvements for form builders, like CRM and payment integrations. Similarly, both plugins have quite a few unique integrations as well. 

These include an AI contact form, custom CAPTCHA, user registration for Everest Forms and Ninja Tables, WP Social Ninja, and Fluent Support for Fluent Forms. So, we’d have to say that both the plugins are the same in terms of integrations.


Monitoring your form entries is just as important as creating them. Regardless of their use, seeing how your forms are performing can help you make an informed decision in the future.

So, let’s see which of these two plugins has a more user-friendly entries section.

FeaturesEverest FormsFluent Forms
Submitted Forms List
Individual Entry View
Entries GraphHistogram, Pie Chart, Line GraphHistogram
Device Breakdown
Complete/Incomplete Submissions
Form Export

Verdict: Everest Forms has a slight edge when it comes to the entries section of their form builder. So, Everest Forms is the winner in this department.


The appealing factor about WordPress is that it lets you build attractive and functional websites even as a beginner with no coding knowledge. 

However, you may need basic guidance while using a new plugin like Everest Forms or Fluent Forms. You could also need technical support in case of bugs or technical issues within the plugin. 

So, a reliable and helpful support system is quite necessary in such cases.

Everest Forms

It has two forms of support: resources and human support. 

In terms of resources, they have a YouTube channel with video tutorials for using Everest Forms, an FAQ page with the most commonly asked questions, and detailed documentation of all the features and functions of the plugin.

Everest Forms Support - Everest Forms vs Contact Form 7

In terms of human support, they have a dedicated WordPress forum with an active support team responding to user’s issues.

They also have a live chat option as well as premium ticket support for paid users.

Last but not least, Everest Forms also has a contact form available on their support page for reaching out to their team.

Fluent Forms

This popular form plugin is a bit short in terms of support. 

They have a support page on their parent site, WPManageNinja, where you can submit support tickets to fix your issues. However, no support page exists on their own website.

Fluent Forms Support Page

However, Fluent Forms has a contact page that too directs you toward WPManageNinja’s support ticket.

In terms of documentation, Fluent Forms has a page for developer docs and a dedicated documentation page with guides for all the plugin’s features.

They also have a dedicated Fluent Forms plugin forum on, similar to Everest Forms.

Verdict: Fluent Forms has quite limited support pathways. However, it does have a top-grade support team to help you when you create a support ticket. Everest Forms has an outstanding support team and other support resources. So, Everest Forms is the clear winner for Everest Forms vs Fluent Forms in terms of support.


The pricing structure for both Everest Forms and Fluent Forms is mentioned below.

Everest Forms

It’s a freemium form builder plugin and the best free contact form plugin for WordPress. You can get the free version from 

For the paid version, the pricing structure is divided as follows:

  • Personal Plan: The yearly plan costs $48.3/year, and the lifetime plan costs $199. It includes 1 site license, about half the plugin’s features, 1 year of free updates, and 1 year of premium support.
  • Professional Plan: The yearly plan costs $99/year, and the lifetime plan costs $599. It includes all the plugin’s features, all the benefits of the Personal plan, and 25 site licenses.
  • Agency Plan: The yearly plan costs $199/year, and the lifetime plan costs $699. It includes all the features of the Professional plan but with an unlimited site license.

Fluent Forms

Similarly, the Fluent Forms plugin is also freemium. The free version can be downloaded from or the plugin’s official website.

You can get the pro version from the official website. The pricing structure for Fluent Forms premium is mentioned below:

  • Single site license: It costs $63/year for the yearly plan and $279 for the lifetime plan. It includes one domain license, all available features of the plugin, 1 year of updates, and 1 year of priority support.
  • Agency license: The yearly plan costs $127/year, and the lifetime plan costs $479. It includes all the benefits of a single-site license but for 5 domains.
  • Unlimited license: The yearly plan costs $239/year, and the lifetime plan costs $719. It includes all the benefits of a single-site license but for unlimited domains.

Verdict: Both these plugins are a great option for creating free WordPress forms. When it comes to pricing, all the plans included in Everest Forms are more affordable than Fluent Forms for similar services. So, EVF is the better one in terms of pricing.

Final Verdict

In terms of integrations and user interface, both Everest Forms and Fluent Forms are quite similar. 

However, Fluent Forms is better than Everest Forms in terms of pre-built demo templates. On the other hand, Everest Forms has an edge over Fluent Forms in terms of features, entries, support, and pricing. 

So, we’d have to say Everest Forms is a better form builder plugin than Fluent Forms. 

Nonetheless, be sure to take your requirements into consideration while choosing the ideal plugin for your website.

If you’re already using Fluent Forms and want something else, Everest Forms is a worthy Fluent Forms alternative.

So, that’s it for our Everest Forms vs Fluent Forms comparison article.

If you like this blog, be sure to read our comparison article on Everest Forms vs WPForms, Everest Forms vs Fluent Forms, PayPal vs Stripe, and more.

If you have something to add, feel free to drop a comment down below.

Everest Forms vs Fluent Forms: Which is the Best WordPress Form Plugin?

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