Everest Forms vs Formidable Forms: Which is the Best WordPress Form Plugin? 

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Looking for the perfect form builder plugin for your WordPress website? If so, this Everest Forms vs Formidable Forms comparison article is just for you.

Developed three years before Everest Forms, Formidable Forms is a big name in the WordPress plugin world.

With remarkable features, easy-to-use navigation, and customer satisfaction, Everest Forms has also been gaining quite a following. 

So, let’s see which form builder plugin is the ideal one for you.

Overview: Everest Forms vs Formidable Forms 

Before jumping into the detailed comparison of Everest Forms vs Formidable Forms, let’s learn a bit about these plugins.

Everest FormsFormidable Forms
DeveloperWPEverestStrategy11 Form Builder Team
WordPress Version5.2 or higher5.2 or higher
Active Installations100k+300k+

Features Comparison

The primary factor of attraction for a form builder plugin is the number and range of features that it provides.

So, which among Everest Forms vs Formidable Forms is better in terms of features?

Everest FormsFormidable Forms
Form Templates
Visual Form Styler
Drag and Drop
Import and Export
File Upload
User Flow
Form Restriction
Email Notifications
Coupon Codes
Forms to PDF
Recover Abandoned Forms
Frontend Listings
Google Sheets
Conditional Logic
Custom Captcha

Verdict: Despite countless similarities, Formidable Forms trumps Everest Forms in terms of features by a slight margin.

User Interface

An easy-to-use navigation system with an attractive page design elevates the usability of a plugin quite a bit. 

Both Everest Forms and Formidable Forms are similar in this matter.

You can view these images to get a perspective.

Everest Forms UI - Formidable Forms Alternative
Everest Forms User Interface
Formidable Forms UI - Everest Forms vs Formidable Forms
Formidable Forms User Interface

Further comparison between Everest Forms and Formidable Forms in terms of user interface is mentioned below.

Everest FormsFormidable Forms
Drag and Drop
Design White with purple headerPlain White
Multi ColumnUpto 4 columnsUpto 6 columns
Field Options and Form Builder on the Same Page

Verdict: In terms of design, both Everest Forms and Formidable Forms have almost the same interface. So, it’ll be a tie in this department.

Entries Dashboard 

The Everest Forms vs Formidable Forms comparison for the entries dashboard is down below.

Everest FormsFormidable Forms
Submitted Forms List
Individual Entry View
Entries GraphHistogram, Pie Chart, Line GraphBar Graph
Device Breakdown
Form Export
Submission Details IncludeUsername, IP address, Referrer link, Browser/OSEntry ID, Username, Referrer link, User IP

Whenever a user submits a form, the job is only half-done. You also need to view and process the submitted data for further analysis and action.

To do so, you’ll need a reliable entries dashboard with as much submission data as possible.

So, Everest Forms can be considered a more substantial alternative to Formidable Forms due to its better graphic visualization of the form entries.

Verdict: Everest Forms is the winner in terms of Entries Dashboard.


WordPress plugins can be integrated with other compatible add-ons to improve their functions.

You can add a lot of features using these integrations. So, here are the integrations provided by these plugins.

Everest FormsFormidable Forms
AI Forms
Constant Contact
Formidable API

Verdict: Both plugins have almost the same add-on catalog. The only difference is the handful of integrations, such as Form Restriction, Cloud Storage, Coupons, etc., that are only available on Everest Forms. That’s why Everest Forms is the winner in terms of integrations.

Pre-built Templates

You might not always want to build your forms from scratch. If so, you can use the prebuilt templates on Everest Forms or Formidable Forms.

Everest FormsFormidable Forms
Total Templates14300+
Form CategoriesNot specified27
Free Templates533

Verdict: Formidable Forms has quite a lot of pre-built forms than Everest Forms. So, it’s clearly the winner in this department.


You can always run into technical or onboarding issues while using WordPress plugins. 

That’s why a helpful support team is an important factor to look at before choosing a form builder plugin.

Everest FormsFormidable Forms
FAQ Page
WordPress Forum
Website Contact
Live Chat
Premium Ticket
Youtube Tutorials

Verdict: Everest Forms has much better support resources than Formidable Forms. So, we can say it’s the better plugin in terms of support.

Pricing: Everest Forms vs Formidable Forms

Finally, the pricing structure for both Everest Forms and Formidable Forms is mentioned below.

Everest Forms

Personal$34.5/year for annual plan
$199 for the lifetime plan
Unlimited forms
Unlimited entries
About half of the features of the plugin
1 site license
Professional$99.5/year for annual plan
$599 for the lifetime plan
25 sites license
All features of the plugin
All benefits of the personal plan
Agency$149.5/year for annual plan
$699 for the lifetime plan
All features of the professional plan
Unlimited site license

Formidable Forms

Basic$39.50/year65+ Form Templates
Unlimited monthly entries
1 site
Plus$99.50/year100+ form templates
All Basic features
Upto 3 sites
Business$199.50/year225+ form templates
All Plus features
Priority support
Up to 7 sites
Elite$299.50/year235+ form templates
All Business features
Elite support
Unlimited sites

Verdict: Everest Forms costs lower than Formidable Forms for all annual pricing plans. They also have a lifetime pricing option that Formidable Form does not. So, Everest Forms is the winner in this section.

Final Verdict on Everest Forms vs Formidable Forms

So, the final comparison table for Everest Forms vs Formidable Forms is given below.

Everest FormsFormidable Forms
Entries Dashboard
Pre-built Templates

While both plugins have many similarities, Everest Forms’ better integrations, support, entries, and pricing make it the better form builder plugin.

That’s why it has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on, compared to Formidable Forms’ 4.7 out of 5.

It can also be considered one of the best free contact form plugins for WordPress.

However, choosing the plugin that best fits your requirements depends upon you.

If you like this comparison article and want to read more, you can check our blog on Everest Forms vs Fluent Forms, Everest Forms vs WPForms, or PayPal vs Stripe.

If you have something you want to share with us, feel free to drop a comment down below.

Everest Forms vs Formidable Forms: Which is the Best WordPress Form Plugin? 

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