10 Best Free Alternatives to Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin 2023

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Searching for the best free alternative to Gravity Forms? Well, look no further! This article will help you find the best match for your website.  

Gravity Forms is undoubtedly amongst the best and most popular plugins that simplify your form creation process.  

But what if you could find the best alternatives to Gravity Forms? These options can provide you with similar or better features than Gravity Forms.   

So, keep reading till the end to find the 10 best free alternatives to Gravity Forms. But before we begin, let’s find out why you might need a Gravity Forms alternative.  

Why You Might Need a Gravity Forms Alternative  

Gravity Forms is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, with over 1 million users. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this plugin has become a crowd favorite.  

Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin

If so, why switch? Well, we all know with great advantage comes a small price. It’s a similar case with Gravity Forms.

Unlike big brands, it can be too expensive for some startups. The basic license costs you $59, whereas the Elite license comes for $259 a year.   

It’s not a bad deal, of course! But why pay so much when you can enjoy similar or better features with a free alternative to Gravity Forms?  

Besides, there are other drawbacks of Gravity Forms which we’ve listed below:  

  • Users have stated Gravity Forms to be complex. It isn’t easy even just to create a simple form. They had to get the help of a video to figure out how it worked.  
  • No 24/7 support. This can be a bummer for businesses and developers as their queries must be answered on the spot if something needs to be fixed.  
  • Gravity Forms is a premium plugin meaning there’s no free version. You can also try the free version but only after filling up forms. This can be annoying and time-consuming.  
  • Add-ons are classified and bundled with plans. This makes it even more difficult for buyers to upgrade to the higher plans to access one particular add-on.  

So, if these flaws hamper your form-building process, explore our list of 10 free alternatives to Gravity Forms.  

10 Best Free Alternatives to Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin

1. Everest Forms  

The very first plugin in our list is Everest Forms.

Everest Forms

The powerful plugin has a super easy and beginner-friendly interface. Therefore, developers, as well as users without prior knowledge of coding, can also work with it easily.  

Furthermore, you’ll get tons of easy pre-built templates to create unlimited forms like contact forms, booking forms, etc. This saves you from the hassle of creating a form from scratch.

Besides, using this drag-and-drop form builder, you can add form fields to your desired position. And each field comes with its unique set of customization options. 

Moreover, to make your form-building experience better, you’ll get a bunch of integrations and add-ons.  

Why is it the Best Gravity Forms Alternative?  

  • Everest Forms has a free version to get started with, whereas Gravity Forms only has a premium version.  
  • You can export form entries in CSV format.  
  • Multiple spam protection features like reCAPTCHA, Math Captcha, and Honeypot.   
  • It’s multi-step form breaks your long forms into various parts.  
  • You can also accept recurring payments via Stripe and PayPal.  


You can install Everest Forms free version from its official site or directly install it on your WordPress dashboard.  

The pricing plan of Everest Forms starts at $48.3/year for a Personal License (Get Huge Discounts!).  

Customer Support and User Review:

Unlike Gravity Forms, you’ll get brilliant, full-time support for Everest Forms on weekdays.

You can also post your queries on the forum and get them answered within a few hours.  

Everest Forms has received excellent reviews from its users. It has scored an impressive 4.9/5.  

2. Formidable Forms  

Next up, we have Formidable Forms on our list. It comes with a featured visual styler. So, you can easily customize the forms to match your WordPress themes.

Formidable Forms Free Alternative to Gravity Forms

On top of that, the drag-and-drop feature of this plugin has made the whole form creation task easier and quicker.  

With Formidable Forms, you can send unlimited form notifications to both admins and users. Moreover, it has over 30 add-ons that you can be install with just a single click.  

Similarly, with its repeater fields feature, you can collect various data sets like team registrations, work history, events, etc.  

Why is it the Best Gravity Forms Alternative?  

  • Formidable Forms comes with various pre-built templates.  
  • This plugin has a feature to split complex forms into easily managed multi-part forms.  
  • Users can edit form submissions and posts without viewing the backend of the post.  
  • You get RTL form support. 
  • You can instantly add Bootstrap styling to your form.  


You can download the free version of the plugin from Otherwise, you can directly download it on your WordPress dashboard.   

You’ll get 3 additional paid plans, where the basic plan starts from $79 a year.  

Customer Support and User Review:  

You can get quick support for Formidable Forms on the forum. Just post your queries there and get help within 24 hours.  

It has a good number of reviews and scores 4.7/5 stars.  

Formidable Forms rating

3. WS Form LITE

WS Form LITE is your best choice if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Gravity Forms. It allows users to build, publish and manage forms with ease.  


This feature-rich tool is integrated with payment methods like PayPal and Stripe. And it features all the input fields needed for a complete form, including repeat fields.  

Furthermore, this plugin is very gadget friendly. Hence, no matter what device you’re using, the webpage dynamically adjusts its layout to suit the screen size.  

Why is it the Best Gravity Forms Alternative?  

  • It has various spam protection tools like Cloudflare Turnstile Captcha, Google reCAPTCHA, hCAPTCHA, and more.  
  • The customizable feature of this form lets you edit colors, fonts, and other style elements on your form.   
  • It contains Section Library, which has ready-made sections to create your form quickly.  
  • It is compatible with famous page builders like Gutenberg, Divi, Elementor, etc.  
  • It comes with 55+ field types.  


WS Form LITE is the accessible version of WS Form Pro. To download the free version of the plugin, directly install it on your dashboard, or download it from  

WS Form Pro comes with three plans, where the personal plan starts at $59 a year.  

Customer Support and User Review:  

You can get support for this plugin on the forum. You can even directly post your queries on their official page.  

Users have loved this plugin so much that it has received 5/5 stars.   

WS Form LITE rating

4. Ninja Forms

Yet another free alternative for Gravity Forms is Ninja Forms. It’s an all-in-one form builder plugin that offers you several customizable form templates. This shortens the time you spend creating forms from scratch.   

Ninja Forms

Moreover, Ninja Forms lets users upload files through the form. Similarly, you can send or export submissions as PDFs, Excel files, or even Google Sheets.

What’s more, this fully featured plugin allows you to accept PayPal and credit card payments securely.   

Why is it the Best Gravity Forms Alternative?  

  • Ninja Forms has 15 powerful add-ons, including File Uploads, Conditional Logic, and more.  
  • It has smooth drag-and-drop interface.  
  • It also makes WordPress GDPR compliance simple.  
  • Ninja Forms gives you a fully responsive, SEO, and mobile-friendly experience.  
  • You can build unlimited forms using Ninja Forms.  


Ninja Forms has both free and premium plans. You can download this plugin directly on your WordPress site or install it from  

It comes with 4 plans, out of which the cheapest one starts at $49/year.  

Customer Support and User Review:  

You’ll get excellent support for this plugin from the forum.  

This user-friendly plugin has scored decent reviews from the crowd with 4.3/5 stars.  

Ninja Forms rating

5. WPForms

WPForms is by far one of the easiest and free alternative to Gravity Forms. Using this plugin, you can create beautiful contact forms, subscription forms, payment forms, etc.

WPForms Free Alternative to Gravity Forms

You can even split long forms into multiple pages to improve user experience. Plus, it gives you beautiful graphs and chart reports of your form submissions.

Besides that, you can conduct surveys and polls to understand your users better. You can also stop annoying spam bots as it utilizes smart CAPTCHA and Honeypot method.  

Why is it the Best Gravity Forms Alternative?  

  • WPForms gives you smart form confirmation and form notifications.  
  • It’s integrated with mailing services like Constant Contact, MailChimp, Active Campaign, and more.  
  • This plugin lets you create interactive conversational forms.  
  • You get 150+ pre-built templates to build forms.  
  • It’s combined with powerful payment methods like Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.Net.  


WPForms Lite is free; you can download it from or directly install it on your dashboard.  

The premium plan for WPForms Pro starts at $99/year.  

Customer Support and User Review:  

If you have any queries related to the plugin, you can post them on the forum.  

WPForms has received an incredible 4.9/5 positive reviews from its customers.   

WPForms rating

6. Forminator  

Forminator is a lightweight and beginner-friendly plugin perfect for business sites. It’s one of the most accessible plugins to create and customize forms with 25+ field options.

There’s more; you can eliminate spam on submissions using Google reCAPTCHA, Honeypot protection, and Akismet integration.  


With Forminator, you can upload multiple files at once. Likewise, it has an E-signature feature that allows visitors to leave signatures upon submitting their online forms.

Furthermore, visitors can also submit post ideas from the front end of your site. Hence, it can be a great free alternative to Gravity Forms.

Why is it the Best Gravity Forms Alternative?  

  • The Calculation feature of Forminator computes a field with values from other fields for your order forms. 
  • You can bring more visitors by generating quiz forms and survey polls.  
  • The form builder interface enables you to easily drag-and-drop blocks into the form.  
  • You can apply conditional logic to your fields to personalize the form for each user.  
  • GDPR friendly option sets guidelines for collection and processing of personal data. 


You can simply install the free version of the plugin on your WordPress dashboard. Alternatively, you can download Forminator from  

You can also enjoy all the advanced features that Forminator Pro brings you at just $7.50 a month.  

Customer Support and User Review:  

Get excellent support for this plugin from the forum.   

The ratings of this plugin are positive so far. It scores 4.8/5.  

Forminator rating

7. Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms is one of the fastest form builder plugins you’ll find in the marketplace. Creating various forms without being a coding expert is extremely easy with this tool.

Fluent Forms

They’ve thoughtfully built every input field in this plugin to make your form creation smoother. Furthermore, users can upload files and images with their forms.  

There are various free templates that are ready to use in Fluent Forms. So, you can choose one and eliminate the hassle of starting form from scratch.

Why is it the Best Gravity Forms Alternative?  

  • Fluent Forms has excellent customer support.  
  • It contains action hooks for developers.  
  • The admin gets a quick email notification when someone submits a form.  
  • Admins can also schedule or restrict forms
  • Fluent Forms supports third party integrations. Hence, you can integrate your forms with different services for advanced form building.  


Unlike Gravity Forms, Fluent Forms offers a free version to its users. You can install it from or easily download it on your WordPress dashboard.  

It also has a premium version with more fascinating features. Fluent Forms pro has 3 different plans, starting from $49 annually.  

Customer Support and User Review:  

Fluent Forms is very famous for its excellent customer support. You can directly ask them any queries via their official site or use the forum.  

Users have shown so much love to this plugin that it has received an outstanding score of 4.9/5 stars.  

Fluent Forms rating

8. Tripetto  

Tripetto is a unique WordPress form builder that’s completely free and expandable. It helps you create conversational forms so you can wave goodbye to boring forms.

With this plugin, you’ll get advanced calculator blocks to create quizzes, order forms, exam forms, and more.  


It’s also integrated with popular content editors like Gutenberg and Elementor. Moreover, you can connect your form with other apps using Zapier, webhooks, etc.  

Why is it the Best Gravity Forms Alternative?  

  • Tripetto brings you unique form interfaces: auto-scroll face, chat face, and classic face.  
  • Tripetto also lets you generate shareable links.  
  • It comes with a Storyboard interface, which helps you create branching scenarios.  
  • You don’t need an account to get started with Tripetto. 
  • You can easily include tons of conditional and branching logic.  


You can download Tripetto’s free version directly on your WordPress dashboard or install it from it from  

Tripetto, like other freemium plugins, comes with a pro plan starting from $99/year.   

Customer Support and User Review:  

Tripetto provides a separate help center for its users to solve their queries. Besides, you can also get support from the forum.  

Regarding the customer review, this plugin has received an impressive 5/5 stars scoring from its users.   

Tripetto rating

9. Contact Form 7   

Contact Form 7 lies among one of the most popular free plugins. Using this plugin, you can manage and customize multiple contact forms.


While the default language for the plugin is English, it can be further translated into 60+ languages. Besides, it gives you a fully responsive and mobile-friendly experience.   

Contact Form 7 has 13+ input fields to ease your form creation process. To add more, it has different free templates for a quick start.

Why is it the Best Gravity Forms Alternative?  

  • Contact Form 7 comes with Akismet integration to filter out spam.  
  • You can apply conditional logic for personalized WordPress forms.  
  • It offers a super beginner-friendly interface.  
  • It’s integrated with a robust payment gateway like Stripe.  
  • Constant Contact integration allows you to create reliable and effective email marketing campaigns.  


You can download this free plugin from  

Customer Support and User Review:  

Users get instant support from the official site. Besides, you can also post your queries via the forum.  

This plugin has received 4.1/5 stars, where 1300+ users have rated 5 stars for Contact Form 7.  

Contact Form 7 rating

10. Form Maker by 10Web  

Last but not least, we have Form Maker by 10Web on our list. It’s a simple and user-friendly plugin.

Form Maker by 10Web

With its innovative drag-and-drop feature, you can create many WordPress forms, including contact forms, in minutes.  

Form Maker comes with 40+ input fields that helps you collect precise information on users. Likewise, it offers 15 fully customizable themes.  

Moreover, this plugin also has swift conditional logic. This feature simplifies complex forms and makes the form UI smart.  

Why is it the Best Gravity Forms Alternative?  

  • With Form Maker, you can import and export form entries.  
  • Multi-page feature of this plugin splits long forms into multiple pages.  
  • You can collect payments and donations with Stripe and PayPal.   
  • It’s a mobile friendly and responsive plugin. 
  • With the Webhook feature, you can easily connect the CRM system or email marketing service to forms.  


You can download the free version of the plugin from or install it directly on your WordPress dashboard.  

For more advanced features, upgrade to one of its premium plans. The basic program starts just at $30 per annum.  

Customer Support and User Review:  

For instant support, you can reach out through the 24/7 live chat. Or you can also post your queries on the forum.  

Besides, the ratings for this plugin is pretty impressive.

Form Maker by 10 web rating

Wrapping it Up!  

That wraps up our article on the 10 best free alternatives to the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin. Now, you have a range of quality options to pick from.  

However, we suggest you use Everest Forms. There’s no limit to the types of forms you can create with it. You can create multiple forms, including order forms, customer support forms, leave request forms, iDEAL payment forms, and more. 

Moreover, you can use this feature-rich plugin to enable entry preview and apply conditional logic on your WordPress Forms. 

If the free version doesn’t meet your business requirements, you can easily upgrade to the premium plans at a very low cost.  

While you’re here, read up on some WordPress-related topics on our blog. And for easy video tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel.   

Also, you can join our social communities on Facebook and Twitter.

10 Best Free Alternatives to Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin 2023

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