Everest Forms vs WPForms – Which is the Better Form Builder Plugin?

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Are you stuck in the battle between Everest Forms vs WPForms? Do you want to know which one’s better?

Stay put because we’re about to show you a detailed comparison between Everest Forms and WPForms. 

Everest Forms and WPForms, both are form-builder plugins. They help users create different kinds of forms. From a simple contact form to an advanced hotel booking form, these plugins can get you the form you need. They are both popular plugins and among the best at what they do.

However, despite the similarity in functions, they differ in things like user interface, beginner friendliness, pricing, etc. In this article, we plan to present all those differences side by side so that you can easily have your pick.

And before we start about Everest Forms vs WPForms, let’s briefly introduce two of the most popular form builder plugins.

A. Overview

Everest Forms

Everest Forms is your one-stop solution plugin for form building. Need to create a simple contact form? Or perhaps you’d want to create an advanced registration form that can track your product sales? Everest Forms is the answer. 

Everest Forms Form Builder Plugin

Everest Forms is a powerful freemium form builder plugin built with simplicity in mind. With it, you can create beautiful mobile responsive forms within minutes. Suitable for beginners and developers alike, Everest Forms solves spam protection, translation, form import and export, and all other requirements. 

Everest Forms makes creating the form a walk in the park, with its form templates and well-decorated interface. And, since it can be integrated with payment services, MailChimp, and tons of other online applications, the possibilities are endless. 


WPForms is another popular name in WordPress. It is a powerful form builder plugin that hopes to achieve a balance between beginner friendliness and developer options. So, WPForms provides all the features needed for creating a form. 

WPForms Form Builder Plugin

And what has set WPForms apart is the user friendliness. The plugin is simple enough for beginners, yet doesn’t compromise the capabilities of developers. It holds the hands of beginners with its welcome guide and pre-built templates.

WPForms can also be integrated with PayPal, MailChimp and many other web applications. It offers total responsiveness, spam protection and many other important features like conditional logic, form locker, custom CAPTCHA, etc. 

B. User Interface: Everest Forms vs WPForms

It’s very important to consider the ease of use before installing a plugin. If you are a veteran WordPress user, you’ll be able to figure out most of the plugins. But if you are an absolute beginner, you’ll get lost if you choose a difficult one.

1. User Interface in Everest Forms 

In the field of User Friendliness, Everest Forms has stayed pure and loyal. The plugin gives a warm welcome to non-developers and absolute beginners. And it shares a flexible platform for tech-savvy persons. 

i. Getting Started With Everest Forms

To begin the demonstration of user friendliness in Everest Forms, we’d like to take you to the start. You can easily install the plugin like any other. And right after you install the plugin, Everest Forms will provide you with a Welcome Guide. It is packed with all the beginner stuff. For instance, you can access the documentation of Everest Forms and Video Guides.

Welcome Page Everest Forms

And Everest Forms offers varieties of templates for its users. The templates are shown in a medium sized thumbnail. So you can already see what a template looks like. And it’s easier to choose one. The free version has multiple different templates available. If you go premium, you will unlock more stylish and advanced templates. 

Everest Forms Templates

Another important part of Everest Form’s user interface is the form builder. The drag and drop form builder in Everest Forms helps you create beautiful and fully responsive forms. 

Drag and Drop Form Builder Everest Forms

You can choose from 30 different fields in Everest Forms, categorized into General, Advanced, Payment and Survey fields. In the free version, you get 11 different fields needed to create your form.

ii. Customizing Your Form

In Everest Forms, customizing the form is as easy as the drag and drop form builder. You can access the field options of a specific field right in the form editor.

Field Options Tab Everest Forms

The field options are also divided into General and Advanced options. Options like field names, Required checkbox for making the field mandatory fall under General Options. While some of the more interesting options like Conditional logic and CSS fall under advanced options. 

Also, if you ever need to know what your form looks like in the frontend, you can always hit the Preview button in the form editor.

Preview Button Everest Forms

And if you go premium, you’ll unlock the style customizer. This add-on will let you customize the look of your form using the infamous WordPress Customizer. 

Customizer Interface Everest Forms

The style customizer will preview the changes in your form in real-time. You can even interact with the form while customizing it.

iii. Configuring the Settings

You can easily access the settings tab of your form from the top bar. The settings tab has two sections, General and Email.

Under the General Settings you get to change the Form Name, Description, Form Disabled Message, Form Submission Message, Submit Button text, etc. You can also choose to redirect your users to a specific page.

General Settings Options

Under the Email Settings, you can set up Email Notifications for you and your users. You will get notification for successful submissions of your forms. And users will also get a notification letting them know that their submission was successful.

Email Settings

An important thing to notice is that Everest Forms lets you set up unlimited Email Notifications, even in the free version. And of course, you can configure the subject and content of the email.

iv. Publishing Your Form With Everest Forms

With just a few clicks, you can add your form into your website, using Everest Forms. Everest Forms creates a block when you create your form. So that you can easily add your form to your page using the block editor in WordPress.

Everest Forms Block

Through the Everest Forms block, you can choose a specific form using the radio button.

Select a Form Everest Forms

Alternatively, you can also use the shortcode available in the form editor.

Shortcode Everest Forms

All you need to do is copy the shortcode and paste in wherever you want in your website. 

2. User Interface in WPForms

WPForms has a similar interface as Everest Forms. It’s easy to learn and easy to use. WPForms maintains a simple interface that is both powerful and clean.

i. Getting Started With WPForms

To begin with, WPForms welcomes you with its welcome guide. This guide contains video guides, information about add-ons, testimonials from users. 

WPForms Welcome Page

And WPForms will provide you with 4 different templates in the free version. If you go premium, you can have even more beautiful pre-built templates. But to get the templates, you actually have to install an add-on called the Form Templates Pack Add-on.

WPForms Templates Page

Unfortunately, though the forms are very well made, you can only see their names in the templates page. Unlike in Everest Forms, you can’t have the preview of the templates in free version.

Coming to the form builder, WPForms features a drag and drop form builder for its users. You can easily create a form just by dragging the fields from the left to the right.

Drag and Drop Form Builder WPForms

Now the form builder is as powerful and functional as Everest Forms. But for the sake of comparison and aesthetics, Everest Form’s form builder interface seems more appealing to the eye. Perhaps because of the square shaped field icons and a form preview section that has more space. 

Speaking of the fields, you can get 30 different fields in WPForms. 9 of which are available for the free version. The free version gives you the CAPTCHA field as well.

ii. Customizing Your Form

WPForms, being a very easy to use plugin, provides users with an easy interface. You can easily customize the form field options right in the form builder. 

Field Options WPForms

The field options are categorized into three different sections, General, Advanced and Conditionals. You can find options like form name, description, required checkbox under general options. 

Under advanced options, you can find placeholder text, CSS class, Input mask, etc. You can also apply conditional logic to a field. But unlike in Everest Forms, Conditionals are a premium feature in WPForms. Also, you don’t find an option to preview your form, or customize your form using WordPress Customizer.

iii. Configuring the Settings

You can easily access the settings of your form by clicking the name of your form in WPForms. Or, you can click on the settings tab on the WPForms menu. The settings of your form are categorized into different sections including General, Notifications, Confirmation, Form Locker, etc.

Under the General Settings, you can change the name, description, submit button attributes,  CSS class, etc.

General Settings WPForms

And you can set up notifications for you and your users using the Notifications tab. However, while Everest Forms lets you set up unlimited email notifications, you can only set up a single notification in the free version of WPForms.

Notifications Tab Everest Forms

The confirmation tab is for handling the confirmation text for users. Users get the text after they have successfully submitted their form.

Confirmation Tab Everest Forms

Other tabs such as the form locker, post submissions, etc handle specific functions of your form. WPForms has multiple settings like these which increase the functionalities of your form. 

iv. Publishing Your Form With WPForms

Getting your form from backend to the frontend is very easy in WPForms. You can use the block editor to create a WPForms block in your webpage.

WPForms Block

Using the WPForms block, you can choose which form you want to add in your form. 

Alternatively, you can use the Embed option in the form builder. This interesting feature lets you embed your form into any existing or a new page with a few clicks.

Embed Options WPForms

Or, you can choose the shortcode option to publish your form using a shortcode.

C. Features and Add-ons: Everest Forms vs WPForms

Everest Forms and WPForms are filled with tons of amazing features and functionalities. They can integrate with tons of web applications. And they offer add-ons that add magical features to your form. Let’s look at the features and add-ons Everest Forms and WPForms provide.

1. Everest Forms: Features 

Everest Form has an ocean of features and functionalities for WordPress users. The plugin comes with a drag and drop for builder, that makes it possible to create any kind of form. You can create any number of forms using Everest Forms. 

Everest Forms will take care of spam protection for you, by using smart CAPTCHA and Honeypot. Moreover, the plugin offers seamless integration with important functionalities like MailChimp, PayPal and more. And as the form is translation ready, you can create your form in your native language.

Some of the notable features of Everest Forms include:

  • Conditional Fields
  • Unlimited Email Notifications
  • WPML Compatibility
  • CSV export option for entries
  • Import and Export Forms

2. Add-ons in Everest Forms

Everest Forms comes with all the functionalities you need. And some more, with multiple add-ons that are available in the premium version. Popular add-ons in Everest Forms include:

  • Style Customizer
  • Zapier
  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • User Registration
  • MailChimp
  • MailerLite
  • Active Campaign
  • ConvertKit
  • Geolocation
  • PDF Form Submission
  • Survey Polls and Quiz

The Everest Forms add-ons will take your form one notch further. You can set up payment in your form, you can create multi-step forms, and whatnot. 

3. WPForms: Features

WPForms offers many features for WordPress users. The plugin is popular for its marketing capabilities and wide range of features. To begin with, you get the drag and drop form builder, using which you can create fully responsive and beautiful forms. 

And WPForms solves spam protection using smart CAPTCHA and Honeypot. Creating multi-step forms is also just as easy. Moreover, you can integrate your form and its entry data with other online applications using webhooks.

Some of the important features offered by WPForms include:

  • Conditional Fields
  • File Uploads Field
  • Instant Notifications
  • Multi-page Forms
  • Entry Management

4. Add-ons in WPForms

WPForms also offers many add-ons needed to make your form more advanced and functional. Some of the popular add-ons in WPForms include:

  • PayPal
  • Form Templates Pack
  • Stripe
  • MailChimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • SalesForce
  • Drip
  • Zapier
  • Signature
  • Form Locker
  • Offline Forms

These add-ons will help you set-up payments, newsletters in your forms. Functionalities like post submissions, offline forms can also be achieved using these add-ons.

D. Forms Tracking: Everest Forms vs WPForms

Everest Forms and WPForms make it very easy to create all kinds of forms. But that’s not all. They also let you know who filled your form and which of your forms are more effective. This is an important aspect of a form if you want to reach better marketing feats. So let’s explore how these plugins handle form tracking.

1. Form Tracking in Everest Forms

With Everest Forms, you can manage all the form submissions right form your dashboard. The Entries tab in Everest Forms is created just for that purpose. 

Entries Tab Everest Forms

Furthermore, you can also manage entries for individual forms. All you have to do is use the filter button in the Form Entries window. You can also manage multiple forms at once using the bulk action option.

In the pro version, you can see detailed analytics of your form entries. The analytics are laid out in the form of a pie chart or a bar graph. 

Form Analytics Everest Forms

You can also see what devices people are using to fill your form and which forms invite more users. Furthermore, you can see the number of complete and incomplete submissions as well.

2. Form Tracking in WPForms

WPForms is also very good at tracking forms. You can manage all the entries using the entries tab. But unfortunately, free version users can’t access the tab. 

Entries WPForms

The premium version of WPForms allows you to manage all the entries. The plugin will also allow you to have a look at which forms are being more effective through the analytics. You can filter your entries according to the date range as well. WPForms also allows you to apply bulk actions to your forms. Moreover, you’ll also be able to export your entries in CSV forms. 

E. Pricing: Everest Forms vs WPForms

Until now, we have looked at the amazing features these two plugins have. And it is equally important that they are cost efficient. We don’t want to pay more for a plugin that we have to. 

1. Pricing in Everest Forms

Everest Forms is a freemium plugin. You get all the important and basic features in the free version. And purchasing the premium version will unlock a mountain of possibilities. Many of which we have already talked about in previous sections of the article.

Everest Forms comes with 4 different pricing plans. The pricing plan are as follows:

  • Personal Plan: $49/yr for a single site
  • Plus Plan: $99/yr for 5 sites
  • Professional Plan: $149/yr for 25 sites 
  • Agency Plan: $199/yr for unlimited sites 
Everest Forms Pricing Plans

The most popular plan among these is the professional plan. You get all the features and all the add-ons with licensing for 25 websites. Agency is like the unlimited version of the professional plan.

2. Pricing in WPForms

Similar to Everest Forms, WPForms is also a freemium plugin. Meaning you get all the basic features in the free version. And more with the premium versions.

WPForms also has 4 different pricing plans which are as follows:

  • Basic Plan: $39/yr for a single site
  • Plus Plan: $99.50/yr for 3 sites
  • Pro Plan: $199.50/yr for 5 sites
  • Elite Plan: $299.50/yr for unlimited sites
WPForms Pricing Plans

Elite plan has all the features you need and comes with licensing for unlimited websites. If you go with any other plan though, you’ll have to sacrifice some features like webhooks, salesforce, etc.

Conclusion: Everest Forms has the upper hand here. The reason is, Everest Forms gives you all its features with licensing for 25 sites in just $149/yr. But in WPForms you have to pay $199.50/yr for the pro plan and you’ll still not get webhooks and integration with Salesforce and

F. User Support: Everest Forms vs WPForms

Both of the plugins, Everest Forms and WPForms have been able to rise to fame thanks to the excellent user support they provide. Not everyone knows everything about every plugin. That’s why you need a reliable support team. To listen to your problems, solve them and accept your feedback. 

1. User Support: Everest Forms

From Welcome guide to the full documentation and throughout all the video guides, Everest Forms stays loyal to its customers. The support team in Everest Forms stays online 24/7. You can even chat with them about your query in the Everest Forms webpage. 

Everest Forms Support

With the premium version, you get dedicated support. The support team is quick to respond to your plugin and appreciate the feedback you provide. But the support in the free version is also very incredible. All the documentation and video guides are within your reach. And you can also access the support forum for free.

2. User Support in WPForms

WPForms offers amazing support for its users. The welcome guide will hold your hand during your first steps. And the plugin will offer detailed documentation. 

WPForms Support

For premium users, WPForms provides dedicated and priority support. As for the free version, users can access the documentation, video guides or the support tab in WPForms’ WordPress page.

Which is the Best Form Builder Plugin?

Everest Forms vs WPForms: both are among the best form-builder plugins. Both have a clean interface, excellent support, and tons of features. But looking at every aspect of the plugins individually, it should be clear by now that Everest Forms is a better choice. 

The important factors in play here are the cleaner interface of Everest Forms, cost-effectiveness, etc. To begin with, Everest Forms lets you accept entries and create unlimited email notifications even in the free version. And the pro version offers detailed analytics, integration with many web applications, etc. 

This doesn’t mean that WPForms is a bad plugin. WPForms is equally powerful. It has amazing marketing capabilities and offers a wide range of functionalities. So the final say is on you. Nobody knows your needs better than you. So choose the plugin that suits you best. And trust us, both the plugins are worth your attention and your time.

You’ve scrolled quite a bit if you’ve come this far. Did it help? If you think it did, please share this article. Let us know what was your favorite part or if there’s something you want us to know.

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Everest Forms vs WPForms – Which is the Better Form Builder Plugin?

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