8 Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins 2023 (Free + Paid) 

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Are you looking for the best WordPress poll maker plugin? Willing to collect feedback from your website visitors to obtain relevant information?  

If yes, you’re in the right place!  

A WordPress poll plugin lets you create engaging polls without any coding. Also, it keeps track of all the entries made on the online poll on its own!  

In this article, we’ll get familiar with some of the best WordPress poll plugins in detail. These poll plugins will help you to build a user-friendly and advanced WordPress poll form.   

So, let’s get into it! 

Why Do You Need Poll Maker Plugins? 

Gathering information about or from your audience can be a difficult task sometimes!  

But it can be done in a simple way using the WordPress poll plugin. It enables you to gather relevant information to help you improve your customer’s experience.  

The best poll maker will make your work convenient in the following way:  

  • No requirement for coding knowledge: Getting started with WordPress poll maker is really easy! You don’t need any coding knowledge to create, edit, clone, or delete polls. 
  • Examine the result: Poll plugin makes it easier to read and examine the results without any hassle. Also, its entry tracker will send a notification every time a new entry is submitted.   
  • Enhance website’s reputation: An interesting poll will engage your customers and website visitors. As a result, you will rank at the top of search engines and your goodwill will increase.  
  • Unlimited customization option: You can add features to your poll like conditional logic, and add images, charts, and graphs using the customization and custom option.  

Now that you know why you need a WordPress poll plugin, let’s get started to choose the best one for your website.  

8 Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins for 2023 

Take your business to another level using any of the following WordPress poll makers today!  

1. Everest Forms    

First, on our list, we’ve Everest Forms – the best drag-and-drop WordPress form plugin. It currently powers 100000+ active sites. You can build almost any kind of form in just a few minutes.  

Everest Forms WordPress Plugin

Create beautiful polls for your WordPress site using Survey, Poll, and Quiz add-ons. Also, you can build survey forms, contact forms, donation forms, and more.  

The form builder lets you review the poll results directly from the WordPress dashboard or at the front end of the website. You can add as many form fields as you want without any restrictions.  

Further, you can build any kind of poll you want combined with its premium add-on. Also, you can use any of its predesigned form templates to get started!   

Key Features of Everest Forms 

  • Create forms, polls, surveys, and quizzes quickly using drag and drop builder 
  • Import beautifully pre-design form templates with just a click  
  • Provides unlimited form fields that can be used multiple times 
  • Submissions are listed in dashboard entries, so don’t worry about any kind of loss 
  • Bunch of integration to make your experience even easier  


  • Spam protection with every submission 
  • Unlimited email notification  
  • Admin reporting with line graphs and charts  


  • The free version lacks some advanced features 


Everest Forms is a freemium WordPress poll maker. You can get both free and premium versions.  

The premium pricing structure of this WordPress poll plugin is mentioned below:  

  • Personal: $48.3/year for 1 Site License 
  • Plus: $99/year for 5 Sites License  
  • Professional: $99/year for 25 Sites License 
  • Agency: $199/year for Unlimited Sites License  

2. CrowdSignal 

CrowdSignal is an amazing WordPress poll plugin that enables its users to create polls and surveys in just a couple of minutes.  

Crowdsignal WordPress Poll Plugin

The plugin lets you create polls easily using its drag-and-drop builder. easily. Also, it allows you to customize your polls and surveys to match your brand.  

Besides, you can put the poll and surveys on WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook, almost everywhere your audience is!   

This poll plugin ensures that creating a poll is as fast and easy as writing a bullet point list. Also, it supports the styling of your theme by default! So, customize the styling of your polls the way you want. 

Further, you can easily export the polls and survey results to apps like Google Sheets and Excel.  

Key Features of CrowdSignal  

  • Enables sending out interactive surveys through email  
  • Distributed support team working from around the world to provide 24/7 support 
  • Create a poll, survey, quiz, and form with 14 questions and form types 
  • Export results in different formats like Excel, PDF, CSV, Google Docs, or XML 
  • Use filters to analyze your data and which countries are the responses from  


  • Fully customize the poll on your own with CSS 
  • Easily use data with tools like Google Sheets 
  • Prevents automated bot responses 


  • Limited analytics 
  • No integrations 


CrowdSignal is yet another freemium WordPress poll plugin. You can get both free and premium versions, make the choice as per your requirements.   

This poll plugin has three different pricing plans as follows:  

  • Premium: $25/month  
  • Team: $29/month for 3 User Team 
  • Business: $59/month for an Unlimited Number of Users  

3. WPForms 

WPForms is an easy and powerful drag-and-drop WordPress form builder. Since 2016, it has been able to satisfy 5,000,000+ professionals to build smart forms, polls, and surveys.  

WPForms Best WordPress Poll Plugin

With its powerful Surveys and Polls add-on, you can easily create engaging surveys and polls in a couple of minutes. You can also use it for conditional logic and multi-choice forms.  

Besides, it includes fully customizable form templates to save time and lead an innovative workflow. Altogether there are 300+ pre-built form templates to get you started!  

This WordPress poll plugin lets you add smart fields like the Likert scale, star ratings, and add image choices. Its fields will help you create more engaging polls.   

Despite having all the advanced features, what’s best about WPForms is its beginner-friendly nature.  

It also provides its users with a wider variety of add-ons and features. Indeed, this WordPress poll maker will help your business elevate to the top!  

Key Features of WPForms  

  • Create forms in a few minutes using its drag & drop form builder 
  • Make high-performing forms with the smart conditional logic 
  • All the leads are visible in a place to streamline the workflow 
  • Allows to send contacts from WordPress forms to the MailerLite list 
  • Let users split forms into steps to avoid scrolling 


  • Smart polls and survey fields 
  • Sends instant notifications 
  • Easy to embed forms in blogs, sidebars, and more 


  • A free version is comparatively limited 
  • Doesn’t let you upload files all at once  


WPForms is a suitable poll plugin that provides its users with both free and premium versions.  

The plugin has four different pricing plans as follows:  

  • Basic: $49.50/year for 1 Site 
  • Plus: $149.50/year for 3 Sites 
  • Pro: $199.50/year for 5 Sites 
  • Elite: $299.50/year for Unlimited Sites  

4. YOP Poll  

YOP Poll is an outstanding free WordPress poll plugin that allows you to integrate and manage polls from your WordPress dashboard.  

YOP Poll Best Free WordPress Poll Maker Plugin

The plugin lets you create WordPress polls to include both single and multiple answers. Use a wide variety of options to sort poll information and manage the results.  

Besides, keeping track of your polls is really easy! Just use YOP Poll’s sorting function to access the older version at any time.  

Further, this WordPress poll plugin lets you create, edit, clone, and delete polls at any time. Also, use the reset stats option to restart a poll.  

This best free poll maker lets you schedule the surveys and polls at your convenience. Simultaneously, you can also conduct multiple surveys if needed!  

Key Features of YOP Poll 

  • Create or intervene in your poll at any time as per the necessity 
  • Provides complex options to ask for detailed information from voters  
  • Display tabulated answers and results vertically or horizontally 
  • Let you ban users by email, username, and IP through your admin section 
  • Allows users to access former polls statistics 


  • Simple and easy interface 
  • Reset poll stats (Lets you restart the poll)  
  • Flexible poll results 


  • Limited design options 
  • Don’t support multiple websites  


YOP Poll is a free WordPress poll plugin that anyone can use.  

Moreover, if you want to use the premium version, it provides three different plans:  

  • Personal: $27 for 1 Site (One Time Payment)  
  • Plus: $37 for 3 Sites (One Time Payment) 
  • Expert: $97 for 7 Sites (One Time Payment)  

5. Gravity Forms  

Gravity Forms is arguably a powerful plugin that lets you build custom forms to connect with your users. It lets you capture leads, collect payments, automate workflow, and build your online business.  

Gravity Forms WordPress Poll Plugin

Further, by integrating the Gravity Forms Polls add-on with the plugin, you can create interactive polls. After that, you’ll be able to interact with users to collect data and analyze it.  

Above all, it has a virtual airlock when it comes to your data. This security measure keeps your data safe and your mind at ease!  

With Gravity Forms, you have endless possibilities to create polls and surveys. Also, its advanced features will help you view the result in just a few clicks.  

Use its conditional logic to make your poll more relevant to your audience. You can easily display or hide fields, sections, or entire pages based on your input.  

Key Features of Gravity Forms 

  • Set custom automated workflow for any polls that are created 
  • Fully packed with tons of time-saving tools, features, and functionalities 
  • Create and edit polls easily using drag and drop interface 
  • Provide users with the facility to save their form entries and continue at any point  
  • Apply custom CSS to forms for a seamless experience  


  • Intuitive and friendly interface 
  • Option to limit poll results  
  • Mobile-friendly plugin 


  • Difficult to navigate  
  • Complex to use and figure out forms sometimes  


This WordPress poll plugin has the following pricing plans:  

  • Basic License: $59 for 1 Site 
  • Pro License: $159 for 3 Sites 
  • Elite License: $259 for Unlimited Sites  

6. Modal Survey   

With 5000+ sales, Modal Survey is an amazing WordPress poll, survey, and quiz plugin sold at CodeCanyon. It’s recognized as the best-rated WordPress poll maker plugin with an excellent 4.79 out of 5-star rating.  

Modal Survey Premium WordPress Poll Plugin

All in all, the plugin is able to visualize all questions in the same graph, then display the aggregated survey results.  

You can get any kind of information with unlimited polls, surveys, and quiz answers. Then, you can display its result through progress bars, pie charts, or text display formats.   

On top of that, Modal Survey allows you to hear your visitor’s voice through its eye-catching polls.  

Its customization features let you specify the width and position with a slider and colors through a color picker. Also, you can display polls at full width or in custom size.  

Key Features of Modal Survey  

  • Option to display a progress bar for any type of WP poll  
  • Add individual charts based on the user’s score, ratings, or correct answer 
  • Saves vote to view detailed statistics on the admin panel 
  • Easy to organize choices in the survey using a select box 
  • Use the date answer to get an exact day for notification, meeting, or reserving 


  • Visual builder for live preview of WP poll 
  • Unlimited questions and answers 
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive 


  • Lacks some advanced features 


Modal Survey provides its users with two plans as mentioned below:  

  • Regular License: $44 for 1 Site 
  • Extended License: $375 for 1 Site 

7. Forminator 

Standing aside from a typical WordPress poll plugin, Forminator is an extraordinary and easy-to-use plugin for every website and situation.  

Forminator Plugin

This best free poll maker plugin has 400,000+ active installations. Moreover, you can collect information, make your poll’s content interactive and generate more conversions using it.  

Further, this poll plugin lets you collect users’ opinions through an interactive poll. Also, it has a lot of dynamic options and settings to create engaging polls.  

The drag-and-drop editor of this plugin makes it easier to create a new form or poll. Also, you can add custom CSS while customizing the polls to fit your brand.  

Moreover, you can take payments, donations, down payments, and sell merch with Stripe and PayPal integration.  

Key Features of Forminator  

  • Create forms, polls, and quizzes without any limit using drag and drop form builder  
  • Make a suitable choice from 25+ form fields 
  • Interactive and dynamic poll settings with the option to add images 
  • Adjust colors, layout, and style as per your own requirements 
  • Provides support for 2000+ third-party apps 


  • Connect via API  
  • Flexible behavior settings 
  • Easy to manage submissions and data 


  • Lacks some advanced settings 
  • Limited design options  


You can get a free version of Forminator.  

However, if you want to switch to the premium version, the pricing is mentioned below: 

  • Forminator Pro: $7.50/month  

8. Opinion Stage  

Opinion Stage is an amazing WordPress poll plugin that lets you create visual conversational quizzes, surveys, forms, and polls in no time.  

Opinion Stage

This plugin was launched back in 2011 and has been serving 100,000+ happy customers across the world. Moreover, it has hundreds of templates that fit every use case or scenario.  

Further, gain up to 500% more leads by integrating a lead form in a highly engaging poll. You can use its intuitive analytics dashboard to analyze results easily and quickly.  

Moreover, its conversational polls will help you gain 3 times more replies! This way you can connect with your audience, boost engagement, and get more leads.  

This poll plugin will make your interaction more natural, this way you’ll get more precise answers. Also, it enables you to create delightful engagements based on built-in visual media integrations.  

Key Features of Opinion Stage  

  • Provides integration with marketing automation  
  • Makes content engaging with images, videos, and slideshows  
  • Design polls, quizzes, forms, and surveys to match your goal and brand 
  • Set automatic poll deadlines as per your wish 
  • Tracks result and performance to maximize the conversion 


  • Enables to add a call-to-action button 
  • Social media integration 
  • Get insightful feedbacks 


  • Lack of adjusting the height of the embedded content.   


Opinion Stage is yet another freemium plugin. You can download the free version from the plugin repository  

Contrarily, for the premium version you can visit its official website. It provides three different pricing options as below:  

  • Starter: $25/month (Billed Yearly)  
  • Business: $79/month (Billed Yearly)  
  • Performance: $249/month (Billed Yearly)  


Once you have chosen a WordPress poll plugin, you’re on your way to learning about the customer’s viewpoint on different aspects!  

Also, who wouldn’t love to vote at the polls?  

Polls will eventually engage your users on your page for a longer period of time. As a result, you can boost your SEO.  

If you want our suggestion, we recommend using Everest Forms. This plugin has reasonable pricing, is beginner-friendly, and has almost every feature that you’ll need to create an interactive poll.  

We wish you all the best to create an engaging poll!   

If you’re looking for page-builder plugins, you can go through our collection of the best WordPress page-builder plugins

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8 Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins 2023 (Free + Paid) 

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