10 Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins for 2023

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Are you confused about which of the WordPress multilingual plugins to use for translating your site? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

A multilingual plugin allows you to translate the site’s content into multiple languages as you require. You can easily translate your post, pages, widgets, menus, and more. On top of that, you can also translate the texts and other content of WordPress themes and plugins.

There are many WordPress multilingual plugins out there so, you are bound to be confused. In this WPEverest Article, we have carefully handpicked the best WordPress translation plugins just for you. So, let’s get started!

Why Do You Need WordPress Multilingual Plugins?

Going global is a big step for any business. And, website translation plays a vital role in reaching the target audience online. If you want to connect your business with a wide range of audiences, then you need to translate your content. 

This is why the importance of multilingual websites is increasing immensely these days. For WordPress users, creating a multilingual website is made easy with the help of translation plugins. WordPress multilingual plugins allow you to translate your website’s content in two ways:

  • Manual Translation: In this type of translation, you can manually translate your content into multiple languages. So, you can personally translate your content or hire an expert for better translations. Besides, you can get a more accurate translation for your website than using third-party tools.
  • Machine Translation: Many WordPress translation plugins allow you to automatically translate your content with the help of online translation services and tools. So, you don’t need to translate the whole content yourself. However, these translations may not be as precise as manual translation.

Some multilingual plugins offer both translations so, you can choose the one according to your preference. Now, let’s waste no time and go straight to our list for the best WordPress multilingual plugins.

10 Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins 

1. WPML [Premium]


WPML is the most popular WordPress multilingual plugin available. It is a premium plugin with three plans, and they are Multilingual Blog, Multilingual CMS, and Multilingual Agency. The user interface is very simple and easy-to-use even for beginners. It offers more than 40 languages, and you can also add your own language variants using language editor.

So, you can easily translate pages, posts custom types, taxonomy, menus for your WordPress site. Not only this, but you can text for page builders, themes, and plugins. This multi language WordPress plugin has a powerful translation management system. You can add users as translators and assign translation tasks for manual translations. And, you can connect the plugin with online translation services for machine translations too.


  • It offers reliable and secure plugin support. 
  • You can create an SEO-friendly Multilingual site as you can fully optimize your site in multiple languages.
  • You can also set up a multilingual e-commerce site with this plugin. 
  • It is compatible with most of the WordPress themes.

2. TranslatePress [Free+Premium]


TranslatePress is probably the easiest translation plugin for WordPress. This multilingual plugin allows you to translate your content from the frontend. So, it has a visual interface in the frontend that is similar to WordPress customizer. There, you can get a live preview of your site as you edit the translations of your content.

You can either translate your website’s content yourself or, you can assign translator roles to your users. So, users can perform translations without accessing your website fully. If you don’t want to manually translate your content, then you have the option to integrate with Google Translate. You can easily fix these machine translation yourself if there any mistakes.


  • It is compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins
  • You can boost your site rankings with SEO-friendly URLs for multiple languages.
  • It offers more features such as translation-block CSS class, language switcher shortcode, conditional displays, and more.
  • It fully supports WooCommerce so, you can translate your online business easily.

3. Polylang [Free+Premium]


Polylang is a free WordPress language plugin that offers a simple interface for translating your site. You can create posts and pages in different languages and translate them later on. So, you can create bilingual or multilingual content as per your requirements. And, you can easily switch between languages with its language switcher as a widget or in the nav menu.

Also, you can translate even translate widgets, menus, post tags, site titles, etc. in your WordPress site. This free WordPress translation plugin only allows you to manually translate your website. This means you can translate your content properly and more accurately than machine translations. However, you can integrate this plugin with Lingotek Translation for automated machine translation.


  • It supports Right-to-Left (RTL) language scripts.
  • Browser language detection option for translations.
  • You can use a subdomain or separate domain for each enabled language.

4. MultilingualPress [Free]


MultilingualPress is very different from the other WordPress multilingual plugins in this list. It uses the WordPress multisite network so, you can create translated versions for each language. This improves your site’s performance by loading one language at one time. And, you can translate and manage your content for each language more efficiently. 

You don’t need to switch between sites to make changes. It allows you to edit all of your translated versions of content on one screen. Not to forget, there is no lock-in effect with this plugin like other WordPress translation plugin. This means all of your translated sites will still work even after you disable the plugin.


  • It supports 174 languages for translation.
  • It generates SEO-friendly URLs for a multilingual site.
  • Supports posts, pages, custom post types, taxonomies, and more.

5. Google Website Translator [Free]


Google Website Translator is a simple and easy-to-use auto translate WordPress plugin. It allows you to use Google Translate which is a free automatic translation service with over 100 languages. This free plugin offers features that help you to easily translate your pages, posts, menus, widgets, etc. Moreover, there are other settings such as inline editing which make setting up your multilingual site so easy.

However, there is one disadvantage to this plugin. It doesn’t offer SEO-friendly URLs so, your website won’t rank for multiple languages. You can choose the required languages to display in the language switcher. And, you can use a sidebar widget or an inline shortcode to show the language switcher on your site. 


  • Offers a drop-down list, or quick-launch a language by clicking on the relevant flag options for selecting languages.
  • There are four styling options for each widget.
  • Easily transfer configurations with Import/Export settings.

6. Lingotek Translation [Free+Premium]


Lingotek Translation is the best language translator plugin when it comes to automatic translation. It is a free cloud-based translation management system. And, it offers services like translation memory and semi-automatic translation processes. Besides this, this plugin is integrated with Polylang for manual translations. 

Otherwise, you can use machine translation services for fast and time-saving translation. You can use your own translation agency or use Lingotek’s marketplace of more than 5000 in-country translators. So, the plugin offers three translation services. They are Machine translation, Community translation, and Professional translation. 


  • Track the progress of content translation with a live percentage bar.
  • A professional translator offers accurate and high-quality translations.
  • You can use different subdomains or domains for each language.

7. Weglot [Free+Premium] 


Weglot is also different from other WordPress multilingual plugins in this list. It is a cloud-based website translation service that you can integrate with a dedicated WordPress plugin. In this plugin, you can make some changes from the WordPress dashboard. But, the translations for your website takes place in the Welgot’s servers. 

So, you can easily choose the required languages and it will automatically translate your site in no time. And, if you want to manage the languages and translations, you need to go to the Weglot cloud dashboard. For more advanced features and more languages, you can upgrade to a premium plan.


  • Fully compatible with all themes and plugins.
  • The plugin is fully SEO optimized so, you get dedicated URLs for translated pages.
  • The language switch button is completely customizable.
  • It follows best practices for multilingual websites with clean source code.

8. GTranslate [Free+Premium]


Google Translate is a popular WordPress translation plugin that uses Google Translate for automatic translations. So, you can translate your WordPress site to 103 different languages. You can easily translate posts, pages, categories, tags, menus, and widgets. Also, it is fully compatible with WordPress themes and plugins.

In the premium version, you make your multilingual site SEO-friendly and increase your traffic. It offers high-quality automatic translation services. Also, you cannot manually edit the translations for your content in the free plugin. With the paid version, you can even translate your WooCommerce products and data structures. 


  • The plugin supports all right-to-left (RTL) languages.
  • Integration with Google Analytics for tracking the results of your translations.
  • The auto-switch option translates content based on the browser language.

9. Loco Translate [Free]


Loco Translate is a great website content translator plugin that allows in-browser translations. It has a very simple interface that does not require any third-party service or tool for translating your site. So, everything is done manually. You can directly translate all the pages, posts, menus, widgets, etc. 

Moreover, you also directly translate all the texts of WordPress themes and plugins from your dashboard. Other than this, the plugin works offer various localization tools. If you are a developer, then you can make great use of this plugin with the settings. It offers one column for content strings and others for translation.


  • Integrates with translation APIs including DeepL, Google, Microsoft, and Yandex.
  • You can extract translatable strings from your source code.
  • Support for PO features including comments, references, and plural forms.

10. Transposh WordPress Translation [Free]


Transposh WordPress Translation is another plugin that allows you to combine automatic translation with human translation. It has a very user-friendly interface so, you can translate your content as you like. And, you can use translation backends like Google, Bing, Yandex, or Apertium. 

It allows your blog to combine automatic translation with human translation aided by your users with an easy to use in-context interface. Also, you don’t need .po/ .mo files to translate the external plugins on your site.


  • You can translate RSS feeds too
  • It also supports right-to-left (RTL) languages
  • Offers integration with Buddypress

Which WordPress Multilingual Plugin is the Best for you?

As you can see there are plenty of WordPress multilingual plugins out there that will help translate your site. Depending upon the requirements for your WordPress site, you can choose anyone from the above list.

If you want professional and high-quality translations, then you can choose premium solutions like WPML. But, if you want quick and effortless website translations, you can choose plugins like Polylang or Google Website Translator

Hopefully, you will find the right multilingual plugin for your WordPress site after reading this article. For more articles like this, you can check these out:

10 Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins for 2023

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