7 Best WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins for 2024

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Want to build an attractive restaurant menu on your WordPress site? Well, you can easily create one with the help of a WordPress restaurant menu plugin.

In this article, we have handpicked 7 of the best WordPress restaurant menu plugins for you. 

Why You Need a WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin?

If you are a business owner in this day and age, then you must already know the importance of having an online presence. Customers want to purchase everything from the internet. The case is the same when it comes to food businesses. 

It is more convenient for customers to order food online rather than going out to eat.

So, there are various online food delivery services increasing day by day. The restaurant websites must have an effective online menu and restaurant reservation system. 

This is why you need the help of a restaurant menu plugin for your online food business.

A WordPress restaurant menu plugin allows you to easily create attractive restaurant and food menus in a few clicks. Also, you can place online orders and accept payments directly from the website. 

These plugins work well with any restaurant WordPress theme, so you don’t need to change it. They are easy to configure and use. Therefore, you don’t need any technical or coding skills for it.

7 Best WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins 

You will find numerous restaurant menu plugins out there. But, finding the best restaurant menu plugin for your WordPress site can be quite a time-consuming task.

So, we have done the work and listed the best WordPress restaurant menu plugins for you.

1. WPCafe 

WPCafe is the best restaurant menu plugin for WordPress which allows you to create simple and beautiful menus.

WPCafe - WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins

You can create amazing menus for any type of food business, such as cafes, fast food, and restaurants, in a few clicks. Also, menus created with this WordPress restaurant plugin are completely responsive.

The plugin offers multiple layout options. You can choose from these layouts to showcase your online menu perfectly.

WPCafe also offers a premium add-on for WooCommerce Integration. This add-on allows you to use your menus for direct food ordering.


  • Supports multiple menus and offers gallery options for each menu item.
  • With the use of a built-in shortcode, you can display your online menu on any page, post, or widget.
  • Multiple Menu Grouping options allow you to group as many menus as you want.
  • It is translation-ready, so you can translate your menus into any language that is required.
  • Offers sale price and regular price features that allow you to attract customers.

2. Food Menu

If you want a WordPress restaurant menu plugin that allows you to create menus with a refreshing design, then Food Menu is the one.


Also, you can easily create any type of menu item from the admin dashboard. There are attributes such as Title, Description, Category, Order, Price, Excerpt, and Featured Image for each menu item.

Furthermore, this restaurant menu plugin allows you to display your menu items in a two-column grid layout. Then, you can select an image for each food item on the menu as well.

Other than this, it offers a special feature that lets you choose the currency for the payment of online food delivery. you can also upgrade to the pro version of the plugin.


  • Display online menu items, single or multiple categories on pages, and posts with shortcodes.
  • The plugin is fully translatable, so you can effortlessly translate the menu items.
  • Allows you to customize your menus more with custom meta fields and custom CSS options.
  • The custom detail page template allows you to present your food item in an attractive way.

3. Five Star Restaurant Menu

Five Star Restaurant Menu is a very effective WordPress restaurant menu plugin. Previously known as Food and Drink Menu, it allows you to create a simple yet stylish online menu.


First of all, it offers an easy-to-use menu builder, which makes creating restaurant menus a piece of cake. You can find many menu layouts, so you can make unlimited menus.

Also, it offers a responsive restaurant menu layout that looks great on all mobile devices. You can even divide the menu into two parts to make it clearer for the customers.

For each food or drink menu item, you can add images and prices. Not only this, but you can also add multiple prices for a single menu item.


  • The plugin is compatible with WPML, so you can easily create multilingual restaurant menus.
  • It offers a Gutenberg restaurant menu block and shortcode to display menus on posts and pages.
  • Additional Gutenberg blocks are needed to display separate menu sections rather than the whole menu.
  • Allows you to accept online ordering on your site by adding menu items to your cart. 
  • Support for menu URL so it is SEO optimized.

4. WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering

While WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering is an excellent plugin for displaying your restaurant menu online, it’s also much more than that.

WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering

It also doubles as a fully functional food order form. WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering works alongside the free WooCommerce plugin, which transforms your WordPress site into an eCommerce online shop.

It takes the food products that you’ve added to WooCommerce and displays them in an attractive menu thats complete with quantity up/down arrows, variation selectors and add to cart buttons. 

Customers can jump between menu categories, learn more about each dish, and quickly add them to their order before ordering the food online. You can use it to take orders to be delivered to the table within a restaurant or take orders for home delivery or collection. 


  • Create quick food order forms like Uber Eats
  • Multiple layout options
  • Choose what information to display about each dish on the menu
  • Integrates with WooCommerce for online ordering
  • Automatically disable ordering when the restaurant is closed

5. Orderable

Orderable is yet another WordPress restaurant menu plugin that is free and easy to use. This plugin allows you to add an online food ordering system to your restaurant site easily.

Orderable - WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins

Similarly, it’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to create and add a restaurant menu. You can manage the menus and orders effortlessly on the backend. 

After you install the plugin, it automatically adds the required pages for the restaurant websites. Moreover, this WordPress order online food plugin allows you to add custom user login and registration.

It also offers a pre-built user dashboard which lets them manage their profile and orders. If you want to add more advanced features, then you can use the premium addons.


  • Allows you to receive orders for both food delivery and pickups effortlessly.
  • The push notifications feature informs you about the orders for your online restaurant website.
  • The built-in reporting system allows you to view sales, orders, and customer info.
  • Payments using the PayPal option are available

6. Restaurant Menu 

Restaurant Menu is another powerful food ordering system for your WordPress restaurant site. This restaurant menu plugin allows you to create and manage any type of food menus.


It is the perfect option for any food business, such as Pizza, Fast Food, Restaurants, and more. With the help of this plugin, you can display your online menus on your WordPress posts, pages, and sidebar. 

Also, the plugin offers responsive designs for your online menu which looks good on all screen sizes. Each menu item includes settings for title, description, photos, price, attributes, and more.

Similarly, the plugin offers menu layouts such as simple layouts, grid layouts, and list layouts. For more features, you can use several premium extensions.


  • Accept payments easily with PayPal and cash-on-delivery payment methods.
  • Offers a single menu and category menu item page.
  • Take orders and sell food items with the Add to Cart and Buy button.
  • You can import and export your online menu between different WordPress installations.

7. WPPizza

WPPizza is a WordPress restaurant menu plugin that focuses on pizza delivery businesses. However, it is a powerful restaurant plugin that can be used for any restaurant business.

WPPizza wordpress order online food plugin

It lets you create beautiful restaurant menus and take orders online. The plugin is fully responsive so, your menus look good on any type of screen size. 

Also, you can create menu items and set the categories to your online menu. You can also choose multiple prices for each menu item, such as regular prices and discounted prices.

There are options to add a detailed description for each menu item on the online menu. And, it provides a list of shortcodes for showcasing your restaurant menu on your site.


  • Take orders and accept payments with the cash-on-delivery option on the site.
  • The plugin is compatible with WPML, so you can create a multilingual restaurant menu.
  • You can even keep track of your food ordering on the dashboard itself.
  • Offers many premium add-ons for more features and functionalities.

Which WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin is Best?

You can easily create a simple and attractive online menu with the help of a WordPress restaurant menu plugin.

We have listed the best restaurant menu plugin for WordPress websites for you. So, you can select any one of the above according to your requirements.

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7 Best WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins for 2024

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