27 Best WooCommerce Plugins and Extensions for Your Store 2023

Are you looking for the best WordPress WooCommerce plugins and extensions for your online store? Then, this post is for you. WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform known so far. The massive popularity of this WordPress plugin isn’t only because it’s free and easy to use but also due to its flexibility. It allows adding[…]

9 Best WordPress ‘Get a Quote’ Form Plugins 2023

Looking for the best WordPress ‘Get a Quote’ form plugins for your business website or e-commerce platform? You’re in the right spot! In simple words, request a quote plugin for WordPress allows seamless integration of quotation forms on your site, streamlining the process of managing quote requests and responses. In this post, we’ll highlight some[…]

How to Add Date Range & Multiple Dates in WordPress Forms?

Wondering how to add date range and multiple date picker on WordPress forms? Then, this article is all you need.  As a website owner, you might need to give your users the ability to select the date range or multiple dates within a WordPress form. You can do that easily with a WordPress plugin like[…]

How to Change Color of Submit Button in WordPress Form?

Wondering how to change color of submit button in your WordPress forms without touching any code? If yes, this article is all you need.  The catchy appearance of the submit button plays a vital role in grabbing your user’s attention and encouraging them to submit the form. By default, the submit buttons in the WordPress[…]

How to Send Data from WordPress Form to Google Sheets?

Wondering how to send data from WordPress form to Google Spreadsheet? Hop in; this post is just for you. If you want to keep detailed records of your WordPress form entries, Google Sheets is the best, and free spreadsheet program. You can easily create, edit, and collaborate with others on the spreadsheet. Connecting your WordPress[…]

How to Create a WordPress Form with Date Time Picker?

Want to enable your users to select the date and time in your WordPress form? But don’t know how to create a WordPress date time picker form? Then, this easy tutorial is just for you. If you’re thinking that adding a date time picker calendar to your contact form is an intimidating task, it’s not.[…]

How to Create a Likert Scale Survey in WordPress? (Easy Guide)

If you’re wondering how to create a Likert scale survey in WordPress, this article is just the thing for you. The American psychologist Rensis Likert first introduced a Likert scale in 1932 for conducting social and educational research. Today, it’s the widely used approach for measuring the attitude and opinion of audiences towards products, services,[…]

What is a Likert Scale? + Useful Likert Scale Examples

You can find several types of rating scales to measure your audience’s attitude and opinion. However, the one which researchers or surveyors extensively use is the Likert scale.  Hence, this article intends to help you understand what the Likert scale is and its examples. We’ll also discuss its advantages and limitations and provide tips to[…]

10 Best WordPress Online Course Plugins 2023 (Free + Paid)

Want to create an eLearning website just like Udemy or Coursera with WordPress? Are you searching for the best WordPress online course plugins for your site? Then, you’ve found the right article. WordPress online course plugins or simply Learning Management System (LMS) plugins allow you to create, manage, deliver, and even sell online courses directly[…]

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