3 Easy Steps to Create a Customer Complaint Form in WordPress

Although customer complaints seem demotivating and negative, it can be a blessing in disguise. Hearing out your customers’ issues allows you to focus on your weak points and improve them. And, what better way to collect customer complaints than creating a customer complaint form. If you’re a WordPress user then, you can create one effortlessly[…]


How to Send SMS Notification from a WordPress Contact Form?   

Wondering how to send SMS notification from a WordPress contact form? We’ll show you how.    SMS notification for WordPress forms refers to a text notification whenever a form is submitted on your website.    This immediately alerts you of new form submissions without having to check your website or email constantly.    Hence, sending SMS notifications from[…]

Send SMS Notification From A Contact Form

How to Accept E Signatures with WordPress Forms?

Although E signatures have been used for quite some time in the business world, there are still many individuals and businesses that are unsure of how they work or even if they are legally binding. In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of E signatures and explore how you can easily accept them[…]


How to Create a Mailchimp WordPress Form?

Are you looking for ways to add your users in your email marketing lists? Great! This article is just what you’re looking for. After reading this WPEverest tutorial, you’ll learn how to register users to your email list with a Mailchimp WordPress form easily. Why Connect Mailchimp with User Registration? Mailchimp is a great email[…]


A Beginner’s Guide to Conditional Logic in WordPress Forms

Are you completely new to Conditional logic in WordPress forms? If yes then, you ought to learn what conditional logic is first to implement it on your forms. Once you understand this, you can use it efficiently on your WordPress forms. After reading this WPEverest tutorial, you will able understand what conditional logic is and,[…]

How to Apply Conditional Logic in WordPress Forms

How to Export Form Entries to CSV file in WordPress?

Are you wondering if you can export WordPress form entries into a CSV file? Well, you sure can. And it’s incredibly easy! Keep reading till the end to learn how to export WordPress form entries into CSV file effortlessly! Why export WordPress form entries into CSV file? There are many ways to interact with your[…]

How to Create Multi-Step Form in WordPress? (Easy Guide 2023)

Want to create multi-step form in WordPress but don’t know how? Let us help you with an easy beginner’s guide that’ll assist you in making one for your WordPress site. Anyone who has ever had to fill up a form can tell you that it can get boring when the form’s too long. If you[…]

Create a WordPress Multi Step Form

How to Make Price Calculator Form in WordPress Easily? (Step-by-Step)  

Want to learn how to create a WordPress form price calculator easily? We’ll show you how.   There were times when businesses had to manually calculate the total price of the order. This may have worked in the past, but in the present context, not so much. With the growing e-commerce platforms and fierce competition, everything[…]

How to Make WordPress Form Price Calculator Easily

How to Upload Files to Google Drive From Your WordPress Forms?

Want to learn how to upload files from a WordPress form to Google Drive? Luckily, connecting Google Drive to WordPress is a lot easier than you think. We’ll show you how. Your form plugin often directly uploads any file to your WordPress sites. But, if you choose to upload files to Google Drive, your files[…]

Upload Files to Google Drive from Your WordPress Forms

How to Add Address Autocomplete Fields in a WordPress Form?

Wondering how to add an address autocomplete WordPress form to your website? Then, this article is just the thing you need right now. If your WordPress form has an address field, we suggest you add the autocomplete feature to it. This way, it’s easier for your users to fill in the address field and submit[…]

How to Add Address Autocomplete WordPress Field
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