14 Best Lead Generation Plugins for WordPress 2023 (Mostly Free)

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Are you searching for the best lead generation plugins for WordPress? Seems like you’ve landed on the right page.

Lead generation plugins can work wonders to amplify the sales and growth of your business by converting users into potential customers. That’s why choosing the best lead generation plugin for WordPress is essential.

However, with the availability of an ocean of WordPress lead generation plugins, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right one. Hence, we’ve curated the list of the amazing lead generation plugins for your WordPress site.

Before diving into the list directly, let’s briefly discuss why use lead generation plugins for WordPress first.

Why Use Lead Generation Plugins for WordPress?

Your website visitors aren’t going to stay on your site longer, come back to your site, or buy your products/services unless you take action to grab their attention at the right time. That’s precisely where the WordPress lead generation plugins come into play.

As the name implies, lead generation plugins are used to capture or generate leads. Leads refer to the users who show interest in your products/services. These plugins help you to attract your prospective customers and convince them to purchase your products/services.

Lead generating plugins enable you to capture leads by improving your email list for better marketing services. Similarly, they let you create stunning landing pages to captivate your customers. Furthermore, they allow adding contact forms or live chat options to enable easy contacting for your customers and more. 

In a nutshell, lead generation plugins can be of great help if you don’t want to lose your potential customers. Thus, they play a vital role in boosting your sales and skyrocket your online business. 

That being said, it’s time to walk you through the list of the top lead capture WordPress plugins. 

14 Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins 

Here, we’ve listed the powerful lead generation plugins for your WordPress website that’ll help you capture more leads to enhance your revenue. Now, let’s dive into the list without further ado. 

1. User Registration

User Registration Plugin

User Registration is amongst the best WordPress registration plugins that allow creating any type of registration form in minutes. This means you can enable your users to register to your site using beautiful registration forms without any hassle. 

You can get this feature-rich plugin free of cost. However, its premium version gives you access to several add-ons like Mailchimp, MailerLite, and so on. Thus, you can directly add the users submitting the registration forms to your subscriber list and use those data for email marketing purposes. 

Likewise, with a fantastic add-on like Social Connect, you can allow your users to log into your site with social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. That way, users can register to your site easily and quickly. 

Key Features

  • Beautifully designed in-built login form
  • Awesome user profile account page
  • Real-time email notification for both admin and users
  • Form Designer tool to customize your form’s color, font, spacing, etc.
  • Option to display registered users on your site using Frontend Listing add-on

Price: Free or $69/Year 

2. Everest Forms

Everest Forms Plugin

One of the easiest ways to let your users contact you is via contact forms. And the finest contact form plugins you can get for this purpose is Everest Forms. It’s a leading drag and drop form builder plugin that allows the effortless creation of simple to complex contact forms, signup forms, popup forms, etc.

Additionally, you can also create interactive survey forms, polls, and quizzes to engage your users. These forms can be displayed in posts, pages, or anywhere on your site using widgets and shortcodes. 

Moreover, if you like the free version of Everest Forms, you can also upgrade to its premium version to enjoy more advanced features. For instance, you can integrate your form with email marketing services like Mailchimp, Convertkit, Active Campaign, etc., to create successful marketing campaigns. 

Key Features

  • Huge library of pre-built form templates 
  • Unlimited form creation 
  • Easy management of form entries from the dashboard
  • Prevents spam form submission
  • Ajax form submission

Price: Free or $49/Year 

3. OptinMonster

OptinMonster Best Lead Generation Plugin for WordPress

OptinMonster is a powerful WordPress plugin to capture leads and improve conversion rates. Creating multiple form types is now at your fingertips with this plugin. You can easily create impressive lightbox popup forms, floating bars, slide-ins, etc., to attract your visitors. Further, you can choose from 97+ pre-built templates to build beautiful lead capture forms.

Besides, it offers an amazing feature of triggering popups based on your user’s behavior. For instance, showing a popup when users are about to leave, or they’ve scrolled a certain percentage of your page, etc. Hence, OptinMonster is the best free lead generation plugin for WordPress that helps to generate more leads and sales. 

Key Features

  • Drag and drop popup builder plugin
  • Seamless integration with powerful email marketing services
  • A/B testing to determine the campaigns that best improve the conversion
  • Animations and sound effects to attract users
  • Track user’s geolocation to personalize your marketing campaigns 

Price: Free or $9/Month

4. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads Outstanding WordPress Lead Generation Plugins

Thrive Leads is one of the outstanding WordPress lead generation popup plugins build on cutting-edge conversion tactics. It’s the best option for you to increase your mailing list quickly with different types of opt-in forms like lightbox popup, in-line forms, slide-in, scroll mat, etc.

Not to mention, it also comes with an extensive library of well-designed form templates. Hence, you can create eye-catching list-building forms in a breeze. Additionally, unique features like SmartLinks and SmartExit lets you hide opt-in forms or show different offers to your subscribers to boost conversions. 

Key Features

  • Actionable reports and insights of your opt-in form’s performance
  • Advanced A/B testing feature to find the best opt-in form design 
  • Option to show/hide certain opt-in form types
  • Easy customization of form designs with drag and drop editor 
  • 100% mobile responsive form designs

Price: Available with Thrive Suite that costs $19/Month

5. SeedProd

SeedProd WordPress Plugin

SeedProd is a brilliant WordPress plugin designed to create stunning landing pages for improving conversions. With this drag and drop page builder, one can create eye-catching sales, opt-in, coming soon, maintenance mode, and thank you pages effortlessly. Moreover, every page you create using this plugin is responsive and mobile-ready.

The plugin also integrates with popular email marketing services such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, etc. Also, it’s possible to track the data on page subscriber count and new subscribers with the Subscriber Management feature. Furthermore, you can remain assured that your landing pages are free from spam and bots with ReCaptcha integration. 

Key Features

  • 150+ pre-built landing page templates
  • Well-designed pre-built sections (headers, calls to action)
  • Live preview options to see how pages look before making it live
  • 20+ built-in color schemes
  • Compatible with any WordPress themes

Price: Free or $39.50/Year 

6. TrustPulse     

TrustPulse Magnificient Social Proof Application

TrustPulse is a magnificent social proof application that works with all website platforms, including WordPress. Soon after its installation, TrustPulse starts tracking visitor’s activity on your site like sales, sign-ups, registrations, etc. After that, it lives streams these activities to the new visitors as social proof. Thus, making them trust your website.  

Not to mention, this app also creates a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) effect, thereby encouraging the visitors to take action on your site. TrustPulse gives you options to choose from two types of FOMO campaigns. You can either lives stream the recent activity of sales, registrations, and signups or show the number of people taking actions on your site in a defined period.

Key Features

  • Easy setting up FOMO notifications
  • Real-time event tracking to show how visitors interact with your site
  • Track view and conversions with FOMO analytics
  • Create beautiful FOMO pop-ups with customizable messages, colors, etc.
  • Advanced targeting rules and timing control to show social proof at the right time and to the right people

Price: Free or $5/Month

7. Hustle              

Hustle Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin

Hustle is the best WordPress lead generation plugin that converts visitors into subscribers and leads with opt-in forms, popups, slide-ins, and so on. The plugin also includes social sharing icons. Therefore, you can quickly enable the popular social networks of your choice and start building social followers. 

Besides, Hustle offers flexible appearance setting options to customize colors, layouts, etc., for marketing campaigns that stand out from the crowd. Additionally, it enables advanced styling of borders, spacing, module sizing, and more. And if you’re the one with coding skills, you can even add custom CSS to make the modules of your choice.

Key Features

  • Support both the Classic Editor and Gutenberg
  • Manual or automated email messages settings
  • Set up behavior triggers for popups and slide-ins
  • Option to set a specific schedule to display your marketing modules
  • Smart exit-intent technology to grab visitors attention before they leave your page

Price: Free or $60/Year 

8. Elementor Popup Builder   

Elementor Page Builder Plugin

Elementor is a popular drag and drop page builder WordPress plugin that lets you build stunning web pages without coding. Also, it’s a feature-rich popup builder plugin that allows creating awesome popups to your heart’s content to engage the visitors on your website. 

You get the complete freedom to choose from several popup designs like full screen, slide-ins, modals, etc., to match your branding. The best part is these popups can be displayed anywhere across your site. That’s not all. You can even add custom forms to your popups, grow email lists, register users, and do more.

Key Features

  • Create professional popups with a live editing feature
  • Pixel perfect designs for every screen type
  • Integrations with Mailchimp, HubSpot, ConvertKit, etc. 
  • Advanced targeting rules based on the number of page views, browse from device type, etc. 
  • Easy management of visitors information from the Elementor account

Price: Free or $49/Year

9. Capture & Convert            

Capture & Convert Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin

Capture & Convert is yet another incredible WordPress lead generation plugin with the best features to improve your social followers and email subscribers. It offers you five different widget options. Each of these widgets allows you to add different features and functions to your site to help you achieve your marketing goals. 

Likewise, it lets you select from the great-looking pre-built form templates, or you can also create one from scratch. Another great thing about this plugin is that all the widgets and form templates are highly customizable. Thus, you can easily change their fonts, colors, styles, etc., to match your website. 

Key Features

  • Fast and lightweight lead generation plugin
  • Easy widget set up
  • Track and scale each widget to improve conversions
  • Option to add custom images to the widgets 
  • Drop widget anywhere on your site using shortcodes

Price: Free or $19/Month

10. Bloom                       

Bloom WordPress Plugin by Elegant Themes

Bloom by Elegant themes is an excellent WordPress plugin to gain more email subscribers with different email opt-in forms. Using Bloom, you can create amazing opt-in forms like popups, fly-ins, in-line, below content, and more. It also enables you to set automatic popups and fly-ins triggers based on your user’s interaction.

Moreover, the plugin integrates with nineteen popular email marketing services like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Active Campaign, etc. The best part is that you can obtain all the information of your subscriber lists and even keep their count effortlessly with Bloom. 

Key Features

  • 100+ pre-designed opt-in form templates
  • Easy setup and management of Bloom dashboard
  • A/B testing to find out the most effective opt-in form designs 
  • Import and export of Bloom data from one site to another
  • Fully responsive forms

Price: $70/Year for Elegant Themes Membership including Bloom Plugin

11. HubSpot                             

HubSpot All-In-One Lead Generation Application

HubSpot is an all-in-one WordPress lead generation app available for free. This plugin lets you turn your visitors into leads via beautiful lead capture forms, popups,  email marketings, live chats, and chatbots. It also comes with an analytics dashboard to track the growth of your business in real-time. 

Likewise, with HubSpot’s free CRM platform, storage and management of your entire contacts become super-easy. Moreover, the plugin can be integrated with 400+ other tools to further enhance its capabilities. HubSpot integrates with tools like Google Analytics, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and more.

Key Features

  • Intuitive drag and drop form and email builder
  • 20+ pre-designed email templates
  • Live chats and chatbox to help and engage visitors
  • Integration with Zapier to easily connect any other tools 
  • Built-in analytics and dashboard for easy tracking of marketing performance and sales

Price: Free  

12. Icegram                             

Icegram Popular WordPress Plugin

Icegram is a popular WordPress plugin that helps you create outstanding opt-ins, popups, welcome bars, and call to action without hiring a developer. The plugin is extremely easy to set up and has a user-friendly interface. Thus, you can start creating unlimited opt-in forms right away. 

Furthermore, it comes with four different opt-in types: well-timed lightbox popup, action bars, toast notifications, and slide-in messengers. On top of that, it also enables you to decide where and when to display your opt-in forms and campaigns. You can choose to show forms on certain pages or posts and limit them to specific users.

Key Features

  • Easy tracking of opt-in form results
  • Option to display forms in different positions (left, right, top, etc.)
  • Headline generators to create engaging headlines
  • Fully responsive design
  • More features to enjoy with a premium plan

Price: Free or $97/Year

13. Crisp Live Chat                 

Crisp Live Chat WordPress Plugin

As the name implies, Crisp Live Chat is a simple yet beautiful WordPress live chat plugin available for free. Installation of this plugin lets you add a live chat module to your website. This facilitates easy conversation with visitors and also helps to improve and strengthen the relationship with customers.

It allows solving queries of visitors regarding your business or sales quickly and easily via live chats. You can also engage your visitors with automated chatbots. Besides, you can grow your email list by asking for their email address and phone number. All these features make Crisp Live Chat the best lead generation plugin for WordPress.

Key Features

  • Real-time notification on live chat initiation
  • View important information of visitors like email, full name, location, etc.
  • Options to see what visitors are typing in real-time 
  • Integration with Slack, Twitter, Messenger, Telegram, and so on
  • Convenient live chat from desktop and mobile apps 

Price: Free or $25/Month

14. Sumo                                

Sumo WordPress Lead Generation Plugin

Another best WordPress lead generation plugin on our list is Sumo. It lets you collect the email addresses of your visitors via high converting opt-in forms to improve your email list. Also, with Sumo, you can send one-off marketing emails or automated email drips to build a strong relationship with your subscribers.

Besides, it allows adding social share buttons to your site to encourage visitors to share your content and products in their circles. Likewise, Sumo seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce to offer great eCommerce features. Thus, you can build beautiful forms to provide unique offers or special discounts and attract more customers to your site. 

Key Features

  • A free plan offers unlimited subscribers and 10K Emails per month
  • Fully customizable designs for opt-in forms
  • Welcome emails for subscribers 
  • Secure and SEO-friendly lead generation plugin
  • WooCommerce integration

Price: Free or $39/Month

Wrapping Up

The purpose of every lead generation plugin is to help you convert your site visitors into potential customers to increase sales. However, each of the lead generation WordPress plugins may serve differently. After reading this article, we believe that you’ve found the best WordPress lead generation plugin for your site.

If you’re still confused, we recommend using Everest Forms. It’s an amazing plugin to attract your visitors with beautiful contact forms, survey forms, sign-up forms, and more. Plus, you can also grow your email list with popular email marketing integrations. 

Also, the User Registration plugin encourages your visitors to register to your site with great-looking registration forms. It also allows visitors to sign-up to your site with their social account using the Social Connect add-on. 

Nevertheless, you know what your website needs the best. So, you can choose the one you think is the best to convert users to customers on your site.

And that wraps up our article on the best WordPress lead generation plugins. If you’ve any say on this, please write to us in the comment section below.

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14 Best Lead Generation Plugins for WordPress 2023 (Mostly Free)

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