Introducing AI Contact Form Addon for Everest Forms

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We have some exciting news for our Everest Forms users! In Everest Forms version 2.0.3, we’re introducing the AI Contact Form addon – and it’s completely free! 

That’s right folks, even with the free version of Everest Forms, you can have yourself a smart form with AI integration. 

With the growing popularity and application of AI, especially ChatGPT, we’ve decided to implement it on Everest Forms as well.  

This new addition to your toolset in Everest Forms will help you create interactive forms to engage users better through your forms. 

How? Let’s look at what the new AI Contact Form addon offers in detail below. 

What is the AI Contact Form Addon?  

Basically, the AI Contact Form addon for Everest Forms helps you integrate AI into your custom WordPress forms with ChatGPT. You can use it to make your form interactive, generate AI written emails, and get a full analysis of user’s responses on your form. 

Although the addon name mentions contact forms, you’re free to use this addon for any type of form you build with Everest Forms. Job application forms, registration forms, surveys, booking forms, and more – without any limitations. 

Since the AI Contact Form addon is completely free, you can install it on your website without needing to buy a premium version of Everest Forms. The free version will do. 

However, to ensure a proper integration, you need to secure the API keys from a premium account of OpenAI

To integrate OpenAI with your WordPress forms,

  • Simply download the AI Contact Form addon from the Everest Forms Addons page or the AI Contact Form Addon page. Then, install and activate it.
  • Retrieve the API key from your premium OpenAI account. 
  • Add the keys in Everest Forms Settings, and you’re ready to go. 

After the setup comes the most important part – what features does this addon add to your forms? 

What Does the AI Contact Form Addon Offer? 

The addon comes with 3 major AI applications for your WordPress forms. Let’s look at each of them in detail. 

1. Automated Email Notifications 

In the Email Settings of your form, you’ll find the Enable Email Prompt option. Ticking this option will send out AI-generated emails to your users after form submission automatically.  

AI Email Notifications Introducing AI Contact Form

All you have to do is enter a proper instructive prompt, and the AI will create the corresponding email. 

2. Interactive Live Chatbot 

While designing a form, you have the ability to add an AI powered chatbot to it. 

The AI Contact Form addon gives you access to the AI field, that you can map to any Single Line Text field.  

Once the user enters their queries in the Single Line Text field, the AI field will display the most relevant AI-generated responses. This clears up any confusion the users have while filling out your form and boosts user engagement at the same time. 

3. Automatic Analysis and Report on User Response 

Want to get a quick insight into how your users are feeling about your forms?  

Enter an instructive prompt in the AI field to analyze user behavior and pattern, and ultimately create a report. The AI will analyze user behavior and responses based on your prompts to provide you with a review. 

You can use this information to understand user sentiments and find areas for improvement. 

Wrapping Up!  

Stay ahead of the game with our AI Contact Form addon for Everest Forms! Since the addon is accessible to free users, you can easily explore and implement its features without restrictions. 

Try it now! 

However, if you’re looking for more advanced functionalities to add to your forms, try Everest Forms Pro. 

For instance, in the new Everest Forms Pro version, we’ve introduced the Advanced Form Analytics addon to help you track user behavior and interactions on your forms. 

Learn in detail what features we offer in the premium version of Everest Forms from our official pricing page.

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular news on upcoming releases and updates.  

Introducing AI Contact Form Addon for Everest Forms

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