12 Best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins & Add-ons 2023

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Searching for the best WordPress Gutenberg plugins and add-ons? If so, our article will help you find one that’s best for your site.  

The Gutenberg block editor offers basic built-in blocks including image, button, paragraph, and more but still lacks in the kind of blocks you require to set up a great landing page. That’s why you need WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins and add-ons.  

Our article presents you with the best Gutenberg blocks plugins and add-on to choose from. But before jumping right into the list, let’s go through a few reasons to use a Gutenberg blocks plugin.  

Why Use Gutenberg Blocks Plugins and Add-ons? 

Since the Gutenberg editor doesn’t have every block you might need to create an engaging WordPress website, you’ll need to use the Gutenberg blocks plugins and add-ons. Besides that, here are some more reasons why you should consider using one for your WordPress site.  

  • To add rich content: With the Gutenberg blocks plugins and add-ons, you can add rich content to your site. This will increase engagement and boost your site to a greater height.  
  • Innovative Blocks: The block plugins offer various creative blocks that’re more than enough for your site. You can expand your content more with it than just with Gutenberg block editor.  
  • Saves time and effort: If you create every little content with just the blocks available in the editor, it’ll take a lot of time. But with plugins, you can use it to build whatever block you wish that saves your time and effort.  
  • Custom Blocks: The Gutenberg blocks plugins lets you add custom blocks to your site. You can even customize blocks as per your liking.  

Now that you know what you can do with the best of best WordPress Gutenberg plugins, let’s jump right into the list. Let’s begin!  

12 Best WordPress Gutenberg Plugins and Add-ons  

1. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg  

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

The first one to make it to our list is Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg. The plugin offers you various kinds of creative blocks for Gutenberg. You can set up your pages and post with them without the need to code at all.  

It has a super easy-to-use interface along with several customization options. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg comes with plenty of innovative blocks, like Team, that lets you display your team and even add names, photos, and more. The plugin’s Forms block is also super handy to create fantastic contact forms.  

Key Features  

  • Offers Star Rating block  
  • Social Share block to share content in social media sites  
  • Easy-to-use settings  
  • Super easy customization   
  • FAQ Schema block to answer user’s queries  

Price: Free  

2. Gutenberg Blocks by BlockArt  

Gutenberg Blocks by Blockart

Next on our list is Gutenberg Blocks by BlockArt. The plugin’s efficient for everyone, whether a beginner or an experienced designer. It’s among the best WordPress Gutenberg plugins designed in a way that reflects simplicity and ease of use.  

The plugin also provides simple pre-made templates that you can import. Additionally, you can use its Section block to add rows and columns to set various layouts. Similarly, it offers live editing if you want to see how the web page looks while editing.  

Key Features  

  • Allows to copy and paste style of any block  
  • Lightweight and super-fast in speed
  • Caching plugin compatible 
  • Offers responsive editing
  • No limit on layout possibilities  

Price: Free   

3. CoBlocks  


CoBlocks is among other powerful best WordPress Gutenberg plugins that offer the best creative blocks for Gutenberg. It has an active installation of more than 500,000 making it a crowd favorite. Also, it has 29 creative blocks like Github Gist block, Gif block, and more.   

To add to it, it offers a custom typography control panel to edit every block as you wish with colors and fonts without any hassle. Additionally, the plugin has a great page builder system. Plus, you can use their innovative row and columns blocks to add your content with the margin and padding settings.  

Key Features  

  • Works well with all themes  
  • Free companion theme “Go”  
  • Allows developers to contribute to CoBlocks on GitHub  
  • Super lightweight  
  • Exceptional blocks like Alert Block, Click to Tweet Block, etc.  

Price: Free  

4. Otter  

Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library by Otter

With lightweight Otter, you can build anything from a simple blog to an international site. Otter’s section block is handy to create fabulous layouts that help your content stand out. The plugin also offers 50 different templates to build a site.  

Besides, Otter’s Google Maps block is convenient to search for places via name; you can even customize the style of maps and more. Along with that, you get 17 unique blocks to set up on your site. Additionally, you can even use Otter Options to set defaults to the blocks you’ll use during the editing process.  

Key Features  

  • Offers CSS on every block  
  • Easy customization for every block  
  • Drag and drop builder  
  • Live changes during editing  
  • Responsive design 

Price: Free  

5. Stackable   


The next plugin on our list is Stackable, an efficient Gutenberg companion with custom blocks. The best thing about it is the pre-made designs and UI Kits it offers. It provides an excellent UI Kits design library and dozens of block layout variations.  

Moreover, you get 35 flexible custom Gutenberg blocks. And you won’t need to deal with any coding at all. Apart from that, its essential blocks offer advanced columns, icons, buttons, and more.  

Key Features  

  • Seamlessly integrated with Google Fonts, Toolset, etc.  
  • Agency tools for web designers  
  • Fast page loading speed  
  • Customize query loops
  • Animate blocks on hover

Price: Free or $49 for a Single Site License  

6. Gutentor  

Gutentor Best WordPress Gutenberg Plugins

Gutentor is going to be a great addition to your website if you need to extend the Gutenberg editor’s block library. You get a one-click demo templates library for pre-made blocks and templates with Gutentor. Also, you can easily customize row and column options as per your liking.  

Additionally, this plugin comes with an individual element’s full styling options. Plus, you can have device-specific responsive controls with the plugin. There’s also a video background option for every block if that’s what your website needs.  

Key Features  

  • SEO-friendly  
  • Highly advanced typography options  
  • Offers repeater field to make items inside blocks  
  • Drag and drop reorder  
  • Faster site load  

Price: Free  

7. Getwid  

Getwid Gutenberg Blocks

Getwid is among the best WordPress Gutenberg plugins that freely offer more than 40 blocks. The performance-oriented plugin works well with any WordPress theme. Besides that, Getwid lets you build custom section layouts for image backgrounds, videos, and more.  

With Getwid’s icon box block, you can set up responsive service boxes with icons and headings using hover effects. It comes with a library of readymade layouts to quickly build a great-looking site. Further, it’s compatible with translation plugins too.  

Key Features  

  • Dynamic blocks like banner blocks, social link blocks, etc.  
  • Offers custom field filter  
  • Style kit designed for developers  
  • Offers live customization  
  • Beautiful templates for image gallery and more  

Price: Free  

8. Genesis Blocks  

Genesis Blocks

Another dynamic plugin is Genesis Blocks that comes with a collection of page building blocks for Gutenberg. The plugin has everything you need, from customizable page layouts to pre-made page sections. In addition, it also offers full-page layout designs through Layout blocks and Sections.  

Moreover, the plugin has 15 easy-to-use blocks that support Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP). Suppose you need blocks more than that; you can always switch to its premium version Genesis Pro. The premium version offers two more new blocks and 26 pre-made complete page layouts.  

Key Features  

  • Easy customization for blocks  
  • All themes compatible  
  • Nine full-page layouts  
  • Offers drop cap block and more  
  • Adjustable editing permission  

Price: Free or $360 per year  

9. Qubely  


Qubely is full of innovative blocks along with tons of custom blocks and predefined sections to set up on your site. The plugin offers modern layout packs and contributes towards unlimited possibilities on Gutenberg. Also, with Qubely, you get built-in animations for sites.  

Its creative blocks include Image Comparison, Button Group, Video Popup, etc. Additionally, you get complete control to customize blocks as you wish. Moreover, Qubely has 61 extensive pre-built section libraries for you to explore.  

Key Features  

  • No limit on Google web fonts and system fonts  
  • Offers shape builder  
  • Allows to customize rows and columns  
  • Responsive control over all devices  
  • Offers box-shadow  

Price: Free or $39 for a Single Site License  

10. PostX  

PostX Gutenberg Blocks for Post Grid

PostX is among the most customizable best WordPress Gutenberg plugins that let you create various blocks like Magazine Blocks, Post Listing Blocks, News Blocks, and more. Like many other plugins, it comes with various grids, lists, and module layouts for posts.  

Also, you can use pre-made blocks and starter packs to create content if you don’t want to make it yourself. PostX offers single-click import which can also be customized. To add more, it also provides animation support.  

Key Features  

  • Offers 88+ readymade block design  
  • 19 Gutenberg post blocks  
  • Post grid with ultimate controls  
  • Offers SVG custom icon in blocks  
  • Comes with responsive settings in blocks  

Price: Free or $41 for One Domain License  

11. GutenBee  

Gutenbee Gutenberg Blocks

With GutenBee, you can uplift your editing experience in the Gutenberg editor. The plugin offers a great list of beautiful WordPress blocks, including elegant blocks like Food Menu, CountUp, etc. Also, with GutenBee’s banner block, you get to create elegant banners that can capture your user’s attention.  

Moreover, GutenBee provides detailed documentation of each block if you feel any confusion. It also allows easy customization, so with this best WordPress Gutenberg plugin, you can work with the look of any block you want.  

Key Features  

  • Translation-ready  
  • Offers dedicated support to its users  
  • Allows to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • No specific theme requirements  
  • Offers post types to list posts  

Price: Free  

12. Qodeblock  


Qodeblock offers a collection of easy-to-use blocks that help you increase engagements on your site. With the plugin’s advanced columns block, you can create a page format with just a basic arrangement.  

As per your liking, you can even specify the format and sections. Likewise, you get to customize colors, paddings, and so much more with it. Your business is set to gain great results with the plugin’s beautiful site-building blocks and powerful functionality.  

Key Features  

  • Offers author profile block to show username, bio  
  • Call To Action (CTA) block
  • Spacer block to divide page or post’s content  
  • Testimonial block to display customer testimonials  
  • Allows to show accordion effects  

Price: Free  


Now, this ends our list of the best WordPress blocks plugins. We hope that our list gave you an idea of what each plugin offers. Each one has the common purpose of extending Gutenberg’s blocks library to set up great-looking content. All the while also offering unique blocks and varying functionalities.

Though each plugin on our list is excellent, don’t forget to choose the best for your site. So, sort through them and choose one that compliments your site.  

Also, you can explore the best WordPress User Registration plugins, WordPress FAQ plugins, and more if you want to enhance your site further.

You can visit our blog to read similar articles on WordPress and the various tools it offers. Happy Reading! 

12 Best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins & Add-ons 2023

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