10 Best WordPress Drip Content Plugins 2023 (Free + Paid)   

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Are you a blogger, course creator, or online business owner who’s looking for the best WordPress drip content plugins? We’ve got your back!

Content dripping is a strategy where you release your content gradually, over some time, instead of giving it all at once. It’s a great idea if you want to engage your customers and create a sense of exclusivity.  

And with the right content drip plugin, you can effectively strategize marketing for your business. 

Hence, we’re here with the list of WordPress’s 10 best drip content plugins. Let’s start!  

What is Content Dripping? Why Drip Content on Your Site?   

Drip content is a popular marketing technique that involves releasing content to your audience over a specific period.

So, rather than giving all your content at once, you gradually release it on a schedule.   

For example, if you have an online course with 10 modules, you might release one per week instead of giving all ten modules at once.   

This way, your audience will have time to absorb the information, and you can build anticipation for each new module.  

There are several benefits of using content dripping as a marketing strategy which we’ve listed below:   

  • Build anticipation and excitement around your content to increase engagement, shares, and even sales.   
  • It allows you to create a sense of exclusivity for your content.
  • It also helps you to manage your workload by breaking down your content into smaller pieces.   
  • Content dripping also gives you better retention. Customers are likelier to remember and return to your brand when you provide regular content updates.   
  • By releasing smaller chunks of your content, you can tailor the content to your audience’s specific needs and interests.   
  • By releasing content in smaller parts, admins can collect feedback.   

These are some of the advantages of content dripping that would benefit both audience and the business.   

So, without further ado, let’s get on with our list of the best WordPress drip content plugins.  

10 Best WordPress Drip Content Plugins for 2023   

1. Masteriyo

Our list’s first and best WordPress drip content plugin is Masteriyo. It’s a super easy and fast WordPress LMS plugin that lets you create, manage, and sell courses without coding.   

Masteriyo WordPress Drip Content Plugin

Above all, with the Content Drip add-on, you can release a specific amount of content periodically.  

Additionally, it offers three ways to drip-feed your course content to your audience.   

  • Sequential: If you enable this option, users must complete the first quiz to unlock the second volume.  
  • Date Selection: Enabling this option will allow you to release your course on a specific date and time according to your wish.  
  • X Days From enrollment: If you turn on this option, you can set a day from which your audience has joined your course.   

This way, you can set your drip days by manipulating the options mentioned above. Save your audience from overwhelming them with too much content at once.   

Overall, it’s the best option to share knowledge online, and most importantly, set up drip content on your site.   

Key Features of Masteriyo:   

  • Easy and fast to set up drip content option from the course builder  
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme, including famous themes like Zakra
  • Easily create sections, lessons, quizzes, and assignments for the learners 
  • The inbuilt order system helps to sell courses without extra plugins

Customer Support and User Review:   

Regardless of the version of the plugin you’re using, you can get outstanding support through live chat 24/7. Even better, you can contact them by filling up a form. 

When you contact Masteriyo, provide as much detail about the issue you’re experiencing. This will help the support team to resolve the issue for you quickly.   

Additionally, Masteriyo offers detailed documentation on all its features and premium add-ons.   

Masteriyo has received excellent reviews from the crowd. Users have loved the plugin so much that it has received 4.9 out of 5 stars on the WordPress plugin repository.   

Masteriyo Review


Get the free version from or download it from its official site. Similarly, you can also set it up directly on your WordPress dashboard.

The free version of the plugin is just enough for creating simple courses. However, upgrade to the premium version to get the Content Drip add-on.

The extension is available only on the Growth plan for $99/yearly or the Scale plan for $164/annually.   

2. MemberPress   

Next up, we have the famous MemberPress WordPress plugin. Its user-friendly and highly customizable function makes it an excellent choice for users who want to build a successful membership site.   

MemberPress All in one Membership Plugin

This famous membership site tool makes a great WordPress drip content plugin for your site. You can drip specific menu items or posts requiring users to view them in order.  

All you need to do is enable the drip feature. They have various options to set drip for any number of days, weeks, months, or even years.

Similarly, you can also set after what event the drip is triggered. There’s also drip expiration; this feature lets your content expire after a specified period.  

Key Features of MemberPress:   

  • Built-in page maker to make high-converting and mobile responsive pages   
  • Integrated with third-party software like ActiveCampaign, MonsterInsights, Zapier, etc.   
  • Customizable coupons available
  • Accept Apple Pay, Google Wallet, credit cards, and even cash or check  

Customer Service and User Review:   

MemberPress is known for its excellent customer support. You can either directly contact MemberPress in case of any doubt or submit a support ticket.   

MemberPress is a famous plugin with 4.8 out of 5-star ratings on GetApp.  

MemberPress Review


MemberPress is a premium plugin, so you’ll not get the free version. 

But you can get the content drip feature on all the 3 premium packs of the plugin. The price starts at $179.50/year. 

 3. Paid Memberships Pro

If you’re looking for a complete WordPress drip content plugin Paid Memberships Pro is your best bet.

Paid Memberships Pro Member Access Restriction Plugin

The plugin allows you to create a membership site or restrict access to your WordPress site.   

Since it supports content dripping, you can drip-feed access to exclusive content. But unlike other plugins on our list, this plugin provides a unique drip delay option.

This means you can manually set drip delay day. For instance, you can share some content right after the members join and the second tier after three days.

This plugin lets you know precisely how your membership site is doing with up-to-date sales and revenue. Plus, you can view orders for new and recurring payments.   

Key Features of Paid Memberships Pro:   

  • Notifies members of each content release   
  • Integrated with popular email marketing services like Mailchimp   
  • Customizable restriction fields   
  • Unlimited and multi-tiered membership levels   

Customer Support and User Review:   

In case of any confusion related to the plugin, you can post your queries via the forum.  

Overall, the plugin has received many positive reviews from its customers. It has successfully scored 4.3/5 stars.  

Paid Memberships Pro Review


Paid Memberships Pro is a freemium plugin. You can start with the free version to create a simple membership site.   

Since you need a Drip Feature on your site, you must purchase the premium version of the plugin that offers three premium plans.

But the Drip-Feed Content feature only comes with the Plus and Builder plans, which costs you $397/yearly and $697/yearly, respectively.  

 4. LearnDash   

LearnDash is a popular LMS WordPress plugin that helps you transform your site into a powerful learning management system.

LearnDash Learning Management System

The plugin is primarily known for its ability to create, sell and manage courses online.   

It also makes a great WordPress drip content plugin with its drip feature. You can customize the drip schedule according to your customer’s subscription renewal.   

For example, a student will enroll in the first course on the first month of their subscription, and on the second month, they’ll enroll in course two.

And on completion of specific courses or milestones, LearnDash helps issue badges and certificates for students. This motivates the learners to strive and achieve more.   

Key Features of LearnDash:   

  • Multimedia support, including videos, audio files, and images.   
  • Setup drip expiration date on courses  
  • Beautiful, customizable theme templates, including Kadence and Astra   
  • Advanced quizzing options such as multiple choice, true/false, timed quizzes, and more  

Customer Support and User Review:   

LearnDash offers support options like knowledge base, a community forum, and live chat during business days. So, plenty of resources are available to help you succeed.

LearnDash has received mostly positive reviews from its customers. It has successfully received 4.6 out of 5 on GetApp.   

LearnDash Review


LearnDash is a premium plugin so you won’t get the free version. It comes with different pricing plans for all WordPress users, where the basic plan starts at $199/yearly.

5. Restrict Content Pro 

Restrict Content Pro is the most flexible and easy-to-use content restriction plugin out there.

Restrict Content Pro Membership Plugin

It restricts exclusive content and grants access to chosen members to expand your membership site.

You can create and sell unlimited membership plans using the Restrict Content Pro plugin. You can decide who can access content on your site based on these plans.  

Besides all these features, Restriction Content Pro also makes a great content drip plugin for your site. It supports two drip types at the moment, which are:  

  • Content-Type: Schedule the availability of post/page/custom posts registered on your site. Set schedules using the Drip Schedule controls like subscription level, delay access, etc.  
  • Taxonomy: Schedule groups of content based on the classification term they’re assigned. Similar to Content-Type, you can also customize your schedules using the controls.  

Additionally, it also has a built-in member account dashboard, allowing users to customize their accounts.   

Key features of Restrict Content Pro:   

  • Able to generate an unlimited number of coupon and discount codes.   
  • Automated email notifications for content releases, new signups, cancellations, etc.   
  • Allows prorated membership when members want to upgrade or downgrade from their current plan.   
  • Standard restriction message if customers try to unlock the course before the scheduled time

Customer support and user review:   

You can contact support with your queries which will be answered within 24 hours during the business day.   

The plugin has received an average rating of 3.2 out of 5 on   

Restrict Content Pro Review


Restrict Content Pro offers a premium version along with the free version. So, to enjoy extra add-ons, including dripped content feature, you must get the pro version, which starts at $99 per year.

6. ARMember   

ARMember is one of the best WordPress membership plugins, which helps you build a membership website quickly.   

ARMember Membership Plugin

The plugin also helps you set up drip content with the Drip Content add-on. It offers various drip types which other plugins might lack, like:  

  • Immediately: The drip rule will be applied immediately after the user subscribes to the relevant plan.  
  • After a certain time of subscription: The drip rule will be applied to the member of the selected plan after some days from their submission date.  
  • Specific date onwards: Here, you can set a date from which you want to release the course along with its end date.  
  • After a certain time of post is published: Selecting this option will allow your members to get the content after a specific time once you publish the new release.  
  • After a certain time of the post is last modified: This drip rule will be applied to the members after the post/page is last modified.  
  • Drip Rule for Partial Content of a page/post/custom posts: Select this option if you want to drip some specific content block.  

With ARMember, you can create different membership levels with unique features. This helps you target a specific audience and provide them various membership options.   

The plugin also supports popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe,, etc. Therefore, you can accept payments securely and efficiently from your users.   

Key Features of ARMember:   

  • Automated notifications to your members for various events like registration, renewal, payment, etc.   
  • Import/Export users and settings   
  • Integrated with famous email marketing tools like MailChimp, Aweber, and GetResponse  
  • User-friendly content restriction offers exclusive content to members

Customer Support and User Review:   

In case of doubt about the plugin, you can directly post queries via the forum. Or you can contact them via their live chat.   

Overall, the plugin has received average reviews from its users. It scored 4.1/5 on  

ARMember Review


While ARMember is free and open-source, buying a regular license for $35 will unlock the Drip Feature.

7. Paid Member Subscriptions   

Paid Member Subscriptions is another excellent WordPress drip content plugin option.

Paid Member Subscriptions Content Restriction Plugin

The setup process of this is straightforward; hence beginners to tech geniuses can use it effortlessly.  

It offers content dripping based on the member’s course subscription. The paid member can access premium content that’s unavailable to the non-paying user.

This WordPress drip content plugin lets you add a personal touch to your site. You can personalize recommendations, customize playlists, or save and organize content uniquely.   

Key Features of Paid Member Subscriptions:   

  • Access to exclusive communities or forums   
  • Multiple subscriptions per user   
  • Shortcodes for login, member registration, managing membership plans, and content restriction   
  • Discount codes and special offers 

Customer Support and User Review:   

This plugin provides great customer support, including faster response times in the forum.   

They also have dedicated support staff to help resolve users’ issues. Similarly, you can review their documentation in detail if you need the complete method.

The plugin has received mostly positive reviews from its customers. It has 4.7/5 stars on the WordPress plugin directory.   

Paid Member Subscriptions Review


The plugin comes in both free and premium versions. But you need an upgrade to start content dripping on your site, where the basic plan starts at €69/yearly.

8. LearnPress   

If you want a WordPress drip content plugin that’s free, and comprehensive, LearnPress is where you go.

LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin

This is one of the best WordPress LMS plugins which allows you to manage course content.   

You’ll find three ways to drip content on your site with LearnPress.  

  • Specific time after the enrolled course  
  • Open the course item sequentially  
  • Open item based on the prerequisite item  

You can select an option suitable for you and get started.  

Moreover, with LearnPress, you can create courses with various lessons and assignments.

You can also set up prerequisites for courses. It ensures the student completes specific quizzes before advancing further into the study.   

Key features of LearnPress:   

  • Integrated with third-party tools such as bbPress and BuddyPress
  • Multi-instructor support   
  • Accept payments with PayPal, Stripe, etc.   
  • Course reviews by students 

Customer Support and User Review:   

You can use the forum to get support within 24 hours for the plugin.  

The average rating for this plugin on the WordPress repository is 4.3 out of 5.   

LearnPress Review


You can get LearnPress for free. However, if you want premium add-ons, you must buy their Pro Bundle at $299.

9. Tutor LMS   

Tutor LMS is a feature-packed WordPress plugin that allows you to create, manage and sell online courses.

Tutor LMS LMS Plugin

It’s an excellent choice for designing high-quality e-learning courses, whether you’re an individual, a school, or even a business.   

And just like all the plugins on our list, Tutor LMS is also a great WordPress drip content plugin for your online courses.

Users can choose four options to structure student access to lessons, quizzes, and assignments.   

  • Schedule course contents by X date: Like its name, you can use this option to set an unlock date for lessons, quizzes, and assignments.  
  • Content available from X days of enrollment: Make content available after the set number of days from enrollment. The enrollment day is when the student starts the course.
  • Course content available sequentially: This option allows course designers to implement all course content in a sequence.   
  • Course content unlock after finishing prerequisites: Set conditions where learners must complete the requirement before progressing further.  

Moreover, this complete LMS plugin is highly customizable. With a wide range of customization, you can create a personalized feel for your online courses.   

On top of that, Tutor LMS offers a gamification feature. This displays leaderboards, course completion progress bars, and even badges for achievements, thus motivating the students to complete the courses.   

Key Features of Tutor LMS:   

  • Email templates and template editor   
  • Available in 27 different languages   
  • Customizable certificate templates on completion of the course   
  • Easy and flexible money management between administrators and instructors 

Customer Support and User Review:   

For customer support, you can chat with the support team directly through the official website or fill up a simple form with your queries.   

It has an impressive rating of 4.6/5 on, with many positive reviews.   

Tutor LMS Review


Tutor LMS is a freemium plugin with free and premium plans.

The basic version of the plugin is entirely free. Likewise, it has 3 different pricing plans where the individual program starts at $199/yearly.   

10. Sensei LMS   

Sensei LMS is a simple yet powerful WordPress plugin that helps users create and manage courses online.

Sensei LMS Online Course Plugin

It was built as a course management plugin by Automatic, the company behind WooCommerce, Jetpack, and   

Now, one of the main features of this plugin is content drip. Thus, it lets you drip-feed your content in various ways.  

  • As soon as the course is started: Any lesson set by this option will be available immediately as soon as the students begin taking the course.  
  • On a specific date: This option will enable the course on a particular date and no sooner.   
  • A specific interval after the course start date: This option will release content after a certain amount of time since the learner started the course.  

Similarly, Sensei LMS allows users to create interactive courses using multimedia like images, video, audio files, etc. This makes the courses more effective for the members.   

This highly customizable plugin offers you a wide range of styles and templates. You can also add your custom CSS to personalize your WordPress site.   

Key features of Sensei LMS: 

  • Review the Drip Schedule  
  • Attach videos from YouTube, VideoPress, and Vimeo to make the learning experience more effective  
  • Built-in discussion forum for students  
  • Immersive and distraction-free learning through the optional learning mode  

Customer support and review:   

All you need to do for customer support is fill up a contact form with your problem. Or you can reach out to them through the forum.

It has a good rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.   

Sensei LMS Review


The plugin is available for free to everyone. However, for the drip content feature, you must get Sensei LMS premium version that starts at $149 annually.   

Wrapping it up!   

So, there you have it. Our list of 10 best WordPress drip content plugins is now complete.   

We have included both premium as well as free WordPress drip content plugins. Now, all you need do is choose one according to your requirement and budget.

Be assured that any WordPress drip content plugin you choose from our list will be worth it.   

However, we highly recommend the Masteriyo LMS plugin. This feature-packed plugin can solve all your LMS needs and provides a powerful drip content feature.

The good thing about Masteriyo is that it’s reasonably priced. Its positive user reviews and excellent ratings prove that it’s one of the top LMS out there. We are sure you won’t regret your decision.  

That said, the best WordPress free LMS themes article might benefit you even more in making the final decision.

If you want to read more WordPress-related content, visit our blog. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for easy video tutorials.  

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10 Best WordPress Drip Content Plugins 2023 (Free + Paid)   

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